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The Mozzafiato Promise

Our promise is that every one of our brands and products meet these three standards: Italian Soul, High Performance and Impeccable Style.

Every product in the Mozzafiato collection meets our highest standards of authenticity and quality, embodying the true spirit of Italian beauty and style.

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In Italy life feels abundant. The beautiful and diverse landscapes, coastlines, and cities, the culture, heritage and style, all converge to create a sense of connected expansiveness. This magical combination and its lingering effects inspired Mozzafiato. Through Mozzafiato we hope to introduce you to products worthy of your own at-home and beauty rituals – new and established. From legendary fragrances to leading edge skin care routines, the products we’ve selected transport you to the very soul of Italian beauty. At Mozzafiato we’ve experienced first-hand the craftsmanship and multi-generational dedication to quality that Italians bring to beauty. Their commitment to exquisite ingredients and formulations delivers an unparalleled beauty experience.


Mozzafiato is inspired by our founder’s deep love of Italy’s culture and people. From their wine, art, and design, to their history and gorgeous landscapes – Italy infuses everyday moments with bursts of beauty. This rich heritage for the appreciation of beauty – la bella figura – is the foundation and heart of Mozzafiato. With a vision to bring this spirit and connection to the American beauty experience, we embarked on a journey throughout Italy to find the most authentic and inspired beauty companies, from legendary houses of fragrance to those creating cutting edge skin care. Never before has the North American market had access to the products of such an iconic collection of Italian beauty brands, or access into as well as the homes, regions, and stories from which the brands are created.


The world looks to Italy for beauty, where more than 60% of the world’s cosmetics are produced. For the native brands founded and formulated in Italy, beauty is a time-honored ritual in sophisticated simplicity. They stand at the global forefront of quality, craftsmanship, and spirit, and invest more in research and development into for their products than any other country in the world. Each brand in the Mozzafiato collection has been carefully selected as and embodiment embodying of this that incomparable Italian standard and sensibility. Throughout the collection, you will discover products unlike any available elsewhere in the North American market, and be transported to the heart and heritage of the best beauty experience in the world.