Eric Eremita's Mozzafiato Favorites

Eric Eremita knows style.

An award-winning general contractor, interior designer, and entrepreneur, Eremita has launched his own clothing line and emerged as a popular international television personality – sharing his design ideas and expertise on screens worldwide.  

After 25 years of owning and operating his own contracting and interior design firm in Staten Island, New York, Eremita gained audience attention appearing  with HGTV’s Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, before being chosen as the main general contractor for HGTV’s hit show “Love It or List It.”

His work involves him in all aspects of home and lifestyle design, from pouring foundations to picking out wall coverings, window treatments, and furniture for the homes he builds to designing and dressing people with his latest fashions. He’s now adding to his role as an on- screen talent by creating, producing, and directing new shows. But his THIRTEEN clothing line reflects his real “passion for fashion” and his desire to spread love and respect and create a better tomorrow while enjoying today to the fullest.

We asked Eric to share a few insights on Italian style and men’s grooming.

Mozzafiato: You’re a very stylish guy with an eye for fashion and good grooming – tell us what draws you to Italian brands and their approach to men’s grooming. 

Italian products for me have always been top notch, and when it comes to style and grooming you just can’t beat them! Everything is done with a special attention to detail from the product itself down to the packaging. The attention to quality craftsmanship is important to me – it’s what I’m all about. And I want products made by people who care as much as I do about what they make and design.

What are some of your favorite brands and products in the Mozzafiato collection?

I’m a stylish bald guy who loves European fashion, and I absolutely love a crisp clean look. The Proraso shaving products are second to none! They’ve been around a long time for a reason. They start off my day putting me in a great mood and feeling like I look and smell my best, no matter what the day’s got in store. Some of my favorite products:

  • Proraso After Shave Balm & Shaving Cream. Proraso has everything you need for before and after a perfect shave, or even for taking care of a beard if you have one.
  • Acqua dell'Elba Arcipelago Cologne. This scent is all about the Mediterranean – the essence of the sea mixed with spices and raw, natural materials. It’s exotic and down to earth at the same time.
  • Marvis Toothpaste & Mouthwash. I’m a TV guy. I’ve got to keep my smile healthy, and Marvis is the best dental brand out there. They’ve really changed the game when it comes to toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • Ortigia Sicilia’s Olive Oil Soap. I like the look of this soap as well as the way it feels and smells – the packaging and overall design are well-tailored for people who pay attention to the details. And as someone who’s always building and getting my hands into something new, I can tell you olive oil is the secret for keeping your skin feeling great and well-moisturized.

Any special fashion or grooming or tips you’d like to share with our male audience?

My fashion line is all about being traditional, classical, yet very cool. That’s a good style recipe: a little old school, a little elegant, and a lot of love.

What are you excited about right now, what’s coming up for you?

I’m a general contractor, interior designer, television host, and now spreading my wings in the fashion industry with my own label and working on some new TV shows…so stay tuned! There’s always something new coming up.

Thanks for being such a great supporter and customer of Mozzafiato!  I know your wife is a fan of our products, as well – can you share any of her favorites?

Joanne is Italian-American so she respects the quality of Italian artistry and craftsmanship. One of her favorites is the Maioliche Hydrating Body Cream From Rudy Profumi that reminds her of some of her favorite places in Italy.

She also loves the Fico D'india Bath Oil and Body Lotion from Sicily (both from Ortigia Sicilia). 

 She can’t wait to try them all.

What’s the best way for people to find and follow you? 

Please give a follow. I’m on all social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @ericeremita