New Home, New Adventure. The Exceptional Housewarming Gift: Mozzafiato’s Exclusive Welcome Home Bundle

Welcoming friends and family to a new home is an important Italian tradition – often with bread (so you won’t go hungry), wine (so you’ll never go thirsty), salt sprinkled around entryways for good luck, olive oil for good health, candles so you’ll always have light, a coin for good fortune, a broom to sweep away the old (and evil), and wood to represent stability.

But along with the bread and wine (because there’s always room for bread and wine!), we recommend adding a fresh twist for today’s happiest housewarming celebrations – something beautiful, fragrant, comforting, joyful: Mozzafiato’s Exclusive Welcome Home Bundle.   

Mozzafiato’s Exclusive Welcome Home Bundle

In a beautiful custom box illustrated with an Italian landscape, we have assembled the perfect trio of authentic, stylish, native Italian home products from three legendary brands representing the diversity of Italy. From the gorgeous island of Sicily, to the abundance of the Italian National Parks, to the incomparable vibrancy of Milan, these three products combine to bring the touch of Italian soul into any new space.

First up is the gorgeous glass plate and soap from Ortigia Sicilia.  Hailing from the island of Sicily, Ortigia offers a luxurious range of soaps, scents, creams, candles, and lotions inspired by the colors and science of Italy’s most historic and tropical region. Ortigia’s design is truly exceptional, drawing on exotic Sicilian imagery and colors.  The gorgeous soap – with scents including narcissus, Passiflora, and wild iris – comes in its own keepsake box with a show-off-worthy glass plate with Ortigia serigraphed printing. It’s a gift that adds an element of classic style and great taste to any kitchen or bathroom.

Ortigia Sicilia Glass Plate and Soap featured in Mozzafiato’s Exclusive Welcome Home Bundle

Then we have the stand-out home fragrance diffuser by Parco 1923, with ingredients sourced directly from the Italian National Parks. Breathe in the fresh, light scent of laburnum, juniper berries, honeysuckle, and broom, wild angelica, musk, and beech trees. Just close your eyes, and you’ll feel transported to the centuries-old woods of the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise National Park that inspired this remarkable scent. The bottle itself adds style to any room, shaped after the inkwells that local Italian aristocrats kept on their desks in centuries past.

Parco1923 Home Fragrance Diffuser featured in Mozzafiato’s Exclusive Welcome Home Bundle

Finally, the most delightful-smelling hand soap from Rudy Profumi in Milan, the Maioliche Amalfi Peony Liquid Hand Wash.  Founded in Milan in 1920, Rudy Profumi originated as a high-profile fragrance house and continues to focus on great design and the best raw materials. What better way to celebrate a new home than with a brand deeply rooted in place and family? Rudy Profumi been managed by the Calabrese family for a century. And this is the brand that Mozzafiato CEO Amy Parsons keeps in her own powder room – the artfully illustrated dispenser alone will brighten any room.

Rudy Profumi Maioliche Liquid Hand Soap featured in Mozzafiato’s Exclusive Welcome Home Bundle

These items are practical, unique, full of Italian soul and style, and guaranteed to delight your friends and family as they move into their new space. 

So crack open the wine, sprinkle some salt in the doorway, and sweep away any negativity. Then christen that beautiful new place with a bundle of beautiful warming brands from the heart of Italy. Benvenuto a casa!

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