Explore the world of fragrance in the heart of Florence.

VILLORESI MUSEUM: The Art of Perfume

The museum in Via de’ Bardi 12 occupies a historic building in the heart of Florence. It  offers visitors a multisensory journey of discovery into the world of perfumes, scents and  the most important aromatic substances, as well as the history, myths and legends that  have characterized this world for centuries. Visitors will learn about the scientific and  technical side of perfumery, as well as interesting facts about how essences are produced  and how fragrances are created.  

At the heart of the exhibition lies the Osmorama scent library, which hosts a large  collection of ancient and modern aromatic ingredients. A selection of aromatic plants  from all over the world is also on display in the garden and terrace.  The world of fragrances is presented from various points of view and also through special  olfactory devices, a unique database, an interactive map and original films.  The Academy linked to the museum will host courses, seminars, workshops, guided  olfactory sessions and other activities aimed at introducing the historical, cultural,  technical and artistic value of the world of perfumery.  


Born in Florence in 1956, Lorenzo Villoresi discovered his passion for aromatic substances and creating perfumes whilst studying and traveling extensively in the Middle East for his philosophy degree. After years of research and experimentation, his passion turned into profession in 1990 when he founded the company that bears his name.  

His first collection of perfumes, a personal interpretation of classic themes, was released  in 1991. In more recent years he has created fragrances inspired by imaginary worlds,  myths and legends from different countries and cultures. All these perfumes are  characterized by rich, diverse formulas and by the extensive use of precious, natural  substances. He collaborates with some of the most famous names in the world of Italian  fashion.  

In 2006 he was awarded the “Prix François Coty” prize, a most important recognition to  a perfumer’s artistic career and in 2015 he won the “Flair de Parfum” in Vienna. Lorenzo  Villoresi is the author of several publications about perfumery. He is developing an  Academy of the Art of Perfume, to provide educational and training activities about the  world of fragrances.  

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