Graduating Class: Gifts to Help Your Graduate Move Up in Style

Millions of students will graduate this spring from high schools and colleges across the U.S. – leaving behind friends and roommates and stacks of unfolded laundry for new jobs, new spaces, and a bright, new phase of adult life. It’s a time of excitement but also uncertainty, when a thoughtful gift makes a big difference. Here are some ideas for the grads in your life:

Gift Idea: A Signature Scent

A captivating, classic fragrance can help your graduates feel just a bit more confident and sophisticated as they transition out into the world.

  • For men, we recommend Acqua Dell’ Elba Blu, produced on one of the most beautiful islands in the Tuscan Archipelago from natural raw materials inspired by the sea. This timeless scent starts with notes of citrus and rosemary that carry into layers of woody musk and marine algae. It’s fresh and bold like the sea air that inspires it – and the graduate who wears it.
  • For women, the magic of Carthusia's Gelsomini Di Capri is a next-level fragrance: delicate, sweet and fruity, fresh and persistent - for a scent that’s both vibrant and mature, suggesting the depth, passion, and energy she’s taking onto her next adventure.


Gift Idea: Something for the New Home

If your graduate is moving into a new space, help them make it their own with a gift of home fragrance. A great home fragrance not only freshens a room but also lends it some warmth and personality. This tasteful gift will liven up their living area (and make them think of you at the same time). The best part is that home fragrance comes in a vast array of styles and materials, from candles and diffusers to scented stones. Some of our favorites:

  • The Mare Home Diffuser from Acqua Dell’Elba looks sleek enough to fit with any decor, but its scent is calming and as harmonious as an ocean breeze.
  • Ortigia has a variety of tantalizing scented crystals – a modern take on traditional potpourri. We love the Melograno scent: glittery nuggets of natural Gum Arabica infused with crisp pomegranate perfume crafted by the Italian master, Lorenzo Villoresi. And the legendary Ortigia packaging is a work of art all its own – a great complement to any style.

Gift Idea: Up Their Grooming Game

For the graduate eager to make the leap to post-school polish, give a gift that will help them refine their daily look and style:

  • Send the guys off with the refreshing and toning Proraso shaving tin from the brand that has been synonymous with an impeccable Italian shave for nearly a century. Affordable and elegant, this Mozzafiato favorite comes with pre-shave cream, shaving cream, and after-shave balm for every beard and skin type, all in a retro-cool vintage tin. Or ifhe’s planning to hit the road for a while after getting that diploma, this travel shave kit has all the essentials.
  • For her, you can’t miss with the Borghese Jet Set Regimen, a bundle of bestsellers from the iconic Italian beauty brand. This glamorous package features mud and firming masks, crème cleanser, intensive age-defying exfoliator, and hydrating concentrate to maximize her glow.

We have all the gifts you need to send your favorite graduates out into the world well-prepared, whether with a confidence-building fragrance, a home luxury to help them tailor their new space, or a beauty/grooming level-up to get them ready to face the future.

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