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This has been a year like no other – one in which so many of us have turned to the comforts of home and rediscovered the small joys in our surroundings. Maybe you’ve noticed the small, delicate birds that visit your garden at dawn, or the way the light hits the window glass mid-morning. When you were away in an office, you never knew the yawn of the furnace coming on in the late afternoon as shadows start to fall and daylight gives way to the moon. 

In this strange time of Covid-19, when our homes are our sanctuaries, we’re noticing these little things more and more. We’re reveling in these spaces we’ve made that offer safety, yes, but so much more. They offer beauty and a reflection of what we value and care for – every title on the bookshelf and picture on the wall speaks a language unique to our own life and world.

Delicious scents and aromas are part of that language -- and that’s why home fragrance has taken center stage this season like never before. Now, as you’re looking for that thoughtful and creative holiday gift for all the people on your list, or just the right thing for your own home to kick-off the new year, it’s the ideal time to discover and share the scents that inspire you. 

The Magic of Fragrance

Home fragrance has the power to lift spirits, transform a room, and enhance the experiences unfolding throughout the house. And in this unusual time, when there’s no trans-Atlantic travel in our foreseeable future, fragrances also provide a gentle escape – transporting your mind and spirit to faraway places and stirring happy memories and dreams. 

A simple home fragrance, tailored to the right space, elevates an ordinary day into an event, enlivening the senses and sparking thoughts of special moments. Sitting at a café table enjoying the aroma of hot coffee and freshly baked bread. Walking on the coast breathing in fresh ocean air and the beachy smells of sand and coconut oil.  The champagne sparkle of flowering citrus trees and the earthy embrace of wet grass and wildflowers.

The health impacts of stimulating aromas are well-documented. Fragrance can have a powerful and calming effect, triggering your nervous system to transmit soothing messages to the part of your brain that controls emotion and quiets anxiety. 

A Fragrance for Every Space

The rich range of home fragrance products allows you to tailor gifts for the right room and occasion, whether you’re buying for yourself or others:

  • Diffusers look beautiful in any room and provide a steady dose of fragrance – perfect for those rooms where you spend a lot of time and that see a lot of activity.

(Acqua Di Bolgheri Libeccio Diffuser, Carthusia Medierraneo Diffuser, Ortigia Sicilia Sandalo Diffuser)

  • Room sprays work wonders in areas where you are hosting guests – or when you need a quick spritz to set the mood before a bath or intimate dinner.

(Farmacia Arte Della Lana Spray, Acqua Del'Elba Isola D'Elba Room Spray, Villoresi Piper Nigrum Home Fragrance Spray)

  • Linen sprays freshen drawers and closets -- and add a light sweetness to bedding and towels.

(Acqua di Bolgheri – Lavanda, Maestrale, La Magnolia linen sprays)

  • Pots of potpourri are lovely accents that provide a gentle, lingering scent anywhere you set them – weave them throughout your home to create your own fragrance impression.

(Farmacia Arte dei Giudici e Notai, Arte dei Mercatanti potpourri, Villoresi Piper Nigrum) 

  • Scented candles offer both fragrance and light, as beautiful on a mantle as they are next to the tub.

(Villoresi Teint de Neige, Piper Nigrum, Mediteraneo scented candles)

  • Expertly crafted scented stones, wooden beads, and crystals work in a cupboard or drawer, on a hall table or bathroom counter, on the mantle or windowsill -- adding an exquisite infusion of fragrance with an unexpected touch of natural beauty wherever you place them. 

(Villoresi Alamut scented crystals, wooden beads, Teint De Neige Scented stones)

A home fragrance isn’t a commercial air freshener – those cans that mask odors in a chemical cloud and are more likely to induce headaches than healing. Our home fragrances are independently crafted by artists who have perfected their products over generations. Their fragrances gently infuse the air in your home with scents derived from nature and wilderness.

Arte Dei Mercatanti Pot Pourri

No country in the world has more beautiful and diverse landscapes and coastlines than Italy, and no one produces exquisite personal or home fragrances like the native Italian brands.  Let their fragrances transport you to Capri and Sicily, to the Tuscan countryside, and to the exciting sophisticated cities.

This holiday season, the warmth of Italy can enliven your holiday home through a host of authentic fragrances sourced from Italy’s most legendary creators. Enhance your own home and the homes of everyone on your list with the gift of Italian home fragrance.

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