Time To Refresh Your Interiors With Italian Home Fragrance

Time to Refresh Your Interiors with Italian Home Fragrance

In creating the Mozzafiato collection, we’ve had the privilege of learning from both master perfumers and interior designers about the importance of home fragrance – both in terms of the scent and the vessel it comes in.  We’ve summarized some of the most important lessons we’ve learned here, along with a few of our favorite recommendations. 

Decorate with all your senses – scent matters.

Designers will emphasize the importance of paying attention to all five senses when creating the character of a space. While we’re all used to thinking about colors, textures, and sounds, many of us have never thought about how we can design with intentional use of fragrance.  When you walk into someone’s home, you subconsciously register every scent that hits your nose…whether it’s the dog, last night’s dinner, or a lovely potpourri in the entryway. We get used to the smells in our own home, but others notice those scents we all hope they’d miss! It’s important to take time to think about the scent impression you want to create.

Home fragrance is the best way to brand your home.

European women wear perfume all the time and often have a signature scent. Home fragrance is another way to achieve that – an opportunity to “brand” your home with aromas that speak to your personal tastes and style.  And you can change up your signature with the seasons – just like your wardrobe. What better way to usher in the changing of the seasons than with a scent?

Fragrance and the light of a candle do wonders for the mood of a room – and the people in it.

Blending golden candlelight with a statement scent can really bring a space to life. I love to have candles burning in the entryway when people walk into my home – that dancing light immediately transmits a feeling of warmth and welcome. But, think beyond the entry way: A candle can add a little fun and sparkle in the kitchen when your family is gathering for meals and homework and conversation. A candle in the bedroom is a lovely, gentle way to ease into “lights out” and sleep. And along with the light, your fragrance choice really does set the mood -- a bright citrus fragrance is energizing and dynamic, while a lighter lavender is great for promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Of course, candles are only one part of the home fragrance story – you can choose from a rich array of sprays, diffusers, and potpourri in all sorts of vessels that make their own unique statement. (I personally love a diffuser in a bathroom and recommend it as a great hostess gift.)

 Decide what you want to be the star of the show

The choices we make about design really do shape how we engage with the spaces we’re in. So as you’re creating your own story, you want to think about the role scent will play in your overall design. It’s a personal choice. Do you want to make a bold statement or be a little bit more subtle? In design, not every element can be the star of the show, so you have to figure out what features you want to take center stage. Whether you’re going big or just aiming for a subtle, spicy accent in the air, select fragrances that feel natural and inviting – and test them before you have people over to make sure they’re creating the ambience you want.

 It’s not just the scent – it’s the whole package.

Many of the options for delivering home fragrance are works of art in their own right – whether the sleek modern lines of a diffuser or the classically gorgeous packaging of some our favorite heritage brands. When you’re exploring your options, consider how the product’s visual design will complement the scent story you want to tell. And remember, investing in a home fragrance is a great way to treat yourself – a delightful scent is a gift to you, your home, and those you welcome into it. It’s all about creating an environment that s pleasant for you to be in with your family and also for your guests.

At Mozzafiato, we carry only Italian brands that offer the most beautiful, natural fragrance options for your home. Here are some of our favorites:

  • We love to dream of the sea all year with the Mare Home Diffuser from Acqua Dell’Elba, with its notes of lemon, rosemary, sea-lily, marine algae and Mediterranean woods.
  • All of our candles and room fragrances from Ortigia Sicilia are gorgeous, but the exotic pomegranate scent of the Melograno Decorated Candle is the best, most natural pomegranate fragrance on the market!
  • Carthusia’s Vaire Home Fragrance Diffuser Set  gives you three sunny fragrances combined to make an unforgettable package, perfect for a statement gift or just a way to treat yourself and your home. It’s one of many delightful options Carthusia offers in the home fragrance line.

Ciao! -- Amy

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