Justin Copeland: Fragrance in Harmony


Justin Copeland is a gifted and versatile musician who plays with several world-class ensembles that work in various styles – from jazz and contemporary improvisational to reggae/hip-hop/west-African-influenced rock. His skill and originality shine when he performs in some of the country’s premier jazz clubs and on international tours.

But the internet has given him a whole new audience for another of his lifelong passions: fragrance.

With his popular online platform, Stay Fresh Productions, launched in 2015, Copeland shares his personal fragrance journey and offers critical discussions about fragrance and its possibilities. Through both his YouTube and Instagram channels, he engages with his viewers about their tastes in fragrance and explores new scents to continually inspire his passion and creativity.

With a doctorate in music, he is also a composer and educator, and he approaches fragrance much like building a composition – in layers, with an attention to nuance and detail as well as to overall impact. Through Stay Fresh, he’s created a vehicle for integrating his love of music with his passion for perfumery – and for sharing both with a growing audience.

Justin sat down with Mozzafiato to talk about fragrance and its role in his vibrant, creative life:

Tell us about your passion for fragrance – how did you get into it in the first place?

I've been obsessed with smelling good for as long as I can remember, and I've been wearing fragrance since I was 12 years old. However, it wasn't until my mid-20s when I decided to look for a new signature scent by searching YouTube and stumbled across the beautiful rabbit hole that is the online fragrance community, YouTube fragrance reviewers, and the world of niche perfumery. From there, I was hooked.

We are approaching Valentine’s Day.  What in your opinion makes for a romantic or sensual fragrance for men?

I believe men should not be afraid to smell sweet and delectable, especially for Valentine's Day. Anything that smells like a combination of elements like vanilla, caramel, chocolate, rose, or any other opulent and/or delicious aroma usually makes for a great romantic scent.

You’ve tried several Italian fragrances from different brands we carry including Lorenzo Villoresi, Acca Kappa, and Acqua dell Elba.  Of those, do you have a personal favorite?

Of the ones I've tried so far, Lorenzo Villoresi's Atman Xaman is my favorite. It is such a handsome and sophisticated amber-y tobacco fragrance that is perfect in a dark-colored suit.

Any thoughts on Italian fragrances in general and how they compare to others from the US or different parts of Europe?

Italian perfumery is iconic--for example, there is nothing quite like an authentic citrus-aromatic fragrance that features ingredients from Italy's renowned regions like the Amalfi coast, Calabria, and Sicily. This handsome fragrance genre has influenced perfumery all over the world.

What’s new and exciting coming up for you Justin?

I'm excited to get married to my fiancée in the Summer of 2022; to continue to create innovative, informative, and entertaining video content on my platform; and there's a chance I'll be touring Europe and the UK this summer with one of the bands I play in.

How can people find you and get more of your fragrance reviews?

I post daily reviews on my Instagram page, and I post video reviews every other day on my YouTube channel. The links are below!