Love is in the Italian Air – Part 1

Most Romantic Fragrances in the World – Exquisite Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Winter has settled in, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to let our thoughts wander to warmer and more romantic notions.  No matter whether those thoughts center on a current love, a nostalgic relationship, dreams of a future romance, or just time away from everyone to care for yourself, it’s a perfect time to focus on personal fragrance.  For yourself, and as a perfect romantic gift

There’s nothing like a special perfume or cologne that captivates and evokes fond sentiments, and there’s no better place to find that ideal scent, than our extensive anthology of finely curated personal fragrances from Acqua dell’Elba, Acqua di’Bolgheri, Acca Kappa, Lorenzo Villoresi, Ortigia Sicilia, Parco 1923, Rudy Profumi, Storie Veneziane and Tuttotondo.  What better way to explore the many possibilities, than with our Italian Romance Bundles For Him and Her?  They're simply bellissimo!   

Mozzafiato's Exclusive Italian Romance For Her

Mozzafiato's Exclusive Italian Romance For Him

Italy is widely known as one of the most romantic countries in the world, with its gorgeous landscapes, breathtaking cities and architecture, world-class art and design, superb wines and food, and the ultimate romance language.  It’s no wonder Italy has inspired the most sensual, romantic fragrances in the world.  What better way to evoke feelings of romance this season than with a token of that Italian-inspired fragrance?

In a country where romance and beauty are everywhere, Italians treasure fragrance as a reflection of who they are. Gianni Versace said, “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and a woman’s personality. Without it, there is something missing.” Marcello Mastroianni – that charmer who inspired decades of romantic daydreams for people worldwide – put it even more simply: “A wise man knows cologne is the most powerful weapon in the fight for female attention.”

Don’t just take Versace and Marcello’s word for it…or ours either.  As you set the stage for your Valentine’s Day this year, listen to one of the world’s great experts in both fragrance and romance, Sophie Vann Guillon of the Valmont Group. For the last 20 years, Sophie and her husband, Didier Guillon have created some of the most gorgeous scents in the world.  Their Storie Veneziane collection comes to life in Venice … a tribute to the artistic flamboyance of the city: “Harmonious compositions made with the most unpredictable associations.”   

Mozzafiato: With Valentine’s Day approaching, we are thinking about romance and love.  In your opinion, what scents make for the most romantic fragrances?

Sophie: For romance and love… go with rose, the queen of all flowers! Rose gives a seductive character to any scent, hence a romantic facet. It has this somehow reassuring note, which seduces and comforts. As you know, it is widely used in perfumery in its different varieties, from the Damascus rose – a flowery and light sweet scent – to the Rose of May from Grasse in the South of France, whose notes also blend flowers and a honey trail.

Mozzafiato: What do you believe are the very most romantic or sensual fragrances in the Valmont collection, and what makes them so?

Sophie: Our Valmont fragrance collection has 3 different families, created upon their intensities. In our eau de toilette collection Palazzo Nobile, I choose Blooming Ballet for Valentine’s Day. A perfect gift for women for this special time of year! Blooming Ballet is a floral fresh scent, composed as a symphony: notes of rose, freesia, and white musk enhance most charming and innocent personalities. Romantic characters, women with a highly feminine style, will love its delicacy, while natural ones will fall for its refined lightness.

Blooming Ballet

Storie Veneziane Blooming Ballet 

For men, in this very same eau de toilette collection, one should pamper his/her significant other with Sea Bliss: marine freshness interpreted in a fragrance! Personalities who are natural, who enjoy freedom and outdoors or like a simple and casual elegance will immediately adopt this scent… built around marine notes, Tiare and musk. A solar, aquatic and clean trail, as an invigorating walk on the beach every morning.

Mozzafiato: What role do you believe fragrance plays in the interaction between two people?

Sophie: Fragrances act as the signature of each personality! As two people meet, their respective trails will enhance their specific characters and play a role in their interaction. Two compatible olfactory characters can have a positive relationship, friendship or love, whereas two opposite olfactory trails can have a complicated interaction. You know, as you choose a fragrance for yourself, you vibrate to the scent which will faithfully represent your current mood, taste and overall state of mind. That is why it will be hard for you to interact with someone whose trail you dislike.

Sea Bliss

Storie Veneziane Sea Bliss 

The House of Fragrances

Sophie Vann Guillon and Didier Guillon themselves embody the talent, artistry, and grace that Venice inspires. The Valmont Group motto, “Where art meets beauty,” is reflected in their products and the work of their foundation, dedicated to collecting works of art and discovering new talent. Didier descends from a family of art collectors, a tradition he has continued in his passionate support for art and international contemporary artists, and his attention to color and design in all aspects of Valmont. Sophie shares this passion for art and also brings scientific and technical expertise and a tireless quest for innovation that has made Valmont a pioneer in the beauty world.

The Valmont foundation and its collection have a permanent home in an exquisite restored 16th-century palazzo, the Palazzo Bonvicini. The Valmont mission is not to sell products but to share the art, emotions, and beauty that inspire them.

Finding Your Positive Fragrance Relationship

Consider Sophie’s guidance as you seek out that special Valentine fragrance for yourself and the one(s) you love. Think about personality and complementarity. The qualities that draw you to one another are the same qualities that draw you to certain scents. Do you respond to earthiness, moss, and musk -- or vanilla and a hint of spice? Do you embrace freedom, the outdoors, and sea air or the refined elegance of old leather and roses? And how do your own favorite fragrances intertwine with those with whom you interact?

Then surprise yourself! Those “unpredictable associations” at the heart of Storie Veneziane are the very essence of romance – the unexpected laughter, the chance encounter, the teasing glance across a room, the moment when a new work of art takes your breath away. Fragrance is about enjoying life in all its rapturous and surprising ways, finding the art in every day, and embracing the adventure of getting to know and care for another human,– and for yourself.

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