Love is in the Italian Air – Part 2

More of the World’s Most Romantic Fragrances Including Fiori di Capri and Il Bacio – Exquisite Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Beyond from Mozzafiato

Buon San Valentino! It’s the season of romance, and Italy is the most romantic country in the world -- where Romeo and Juliet pledged their doomed love, and where the Valentine’s Day tradition was born during the Roman Empire.  

And for Italians who breathe romance like air, there’s more to Valentine’s Day than greeting cards and chalky candy hearts. This is a holiday, La Festa Degli Innamorati, that really celebrates the advent of spring, in all its fresh, awakening beauty – a time for dreaming of romance and showing a little extra care for those we love, and for ourselves. 

Whether your own Valentine’s Day is centered on a current love, a nostalgic relationship, dreams of a future romance, or just time away from everyone to care for yourself, it’s a perfect time to elevate your celebration.   For a real treat, explore our bellissimo Italian Romance Bundles For Him and For Her. There’s nothing like a special perfume or cologne that captivates and evokes fond sentiments, and these fabulous bundles give you the chance to sample some of the most memorable scents in our extensive anthology of finely curated Italian fragrances.  

Mozzafiato's Exclusive Italian Romance For Him

Mozzafiato's Exclusive Italian Romance For Her

Today, we’re taking an intimate look at just two of the world’s leading experts in fragrance and romance: Carthusia I Profumi di Capri and Borghese.


Carthusia I Profumi di Capri may be the smallest perfume factory in the world. Their limited batch fragrances combine centuries-old knowledge with Capri’s natural, locally sourced, highest-quality ingredients, producing scents as exceptional as the island from which they come.  We chatted with Brand and Product Development Manager Virginia Ruocco, who grew up on Capri and returned there after living in Rome, London, and Tokyo. 

Mozzafiato: With Valentine’s Day approaching, we are thinking about romance and love.  What do you believe are the scents that contribute to the most romantic fragrances?

Virginia Ruocco: I believe the scents that contribute to the most romantic fragrances are the flowery notes! Rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, broom…

Mozzafiato: What role do you believe scent plays in the interaction between two people? 

Virginia Ruocco: A predominant role! The ingredients of a scent are able to stimulate our olfactory memory. Smells often give us an emotion that engraves a remembrance or an image in an indissoluble way in our memory! If this image or emotion is associated with the person you love, you understand that I am right!

Mozzafiato: Which fragrances in the Carthusia collection do you believe are the most romantic or sensual, and what makes them so?

Virginia Ruocco: In the Carthusia portfolio, I would include three fragrances as the most romantic and sensual:

Fiori di Capri: The first Carthusia fragrance ever! The sophistication of floral notes together with the allure of amber. A breath of elegance and radiance for a perfume different from the others. 

Carthusia Uomo: Dedicated to a man who eschews excess but likes to charm, it’s a fresh and elegant scent reminiscent of wholesome things like the open sea, fresh fruit, good Russian leather, and recently spun cashmere. A perfectly gentle fragrance, dedicated to the discrete and appealing gentleman.

Carthusia Uomo Eau de Parfum

Terra Mia: The only “gourmand” fragrance made by Carthusia, deliciously combining tastes, emotions and intense bouquet. It’s the love for one’s own roots, the pride for the uniqueness that dominates each thought, hope, gesture. Rose, jasmine, coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla are the main notes, which reflect the tastes of our society and the increasing need for sweetness while living in a world full of aggressions! 

Carthusia Terra MIa Eau de Parfum

The three delightful fragrances recommended by Virginia are all made in the classic Carthusia tradition – centuries-old knowledge flawlessly combined with locally sourced ingredients, some hand-picked on Capri’s Mount Solaro. Production at Carthusia is still carried out by hand, in small batches to guarantee the most exquisite care of traditional craftsmanship.


The Borghese family name is as eternal as the city of Rome and synonymous with Italian refinement and royalty.  And from this noble house comes a special fragrance that even looks like a Valentine, in its graceful bottle topped by a deep red love knot: Il Bacio Eau de Parfume spray.

Borghese Il Bacio Eau De Parfum Spray

Il Bacio is described as a “romantic fragrance that is a celebration of love” and “classic romance and elegance in a bottle.” The brand shared what makes it so special: 

“Rooted in our Italian heritage, the notes were inspired by the overflowing window and balcony gardens, the harmony of sweetness seen in the landscape and the warm, alluring scents that captivate and soothe.  Our fragrance is a romantic infusion for the senses.”

Even the name, Il Bacio, speaks to romance – translating into that perfect romantic expression, “The Kiss.” It’s designed to linger and create a memory.

Borghese explains: “Perfumes may come and go with the seasons, but a signature scent never goes out of style.  Inspired by Princess Marcella’s walks in the Borghese Gardens, Il Bacio combines the succulent notes of a glorious floral composition with a blend of melons, peaches, plums, passion fruits, cedarwood, and amber. Experience this sensorial escape and feel the warm embrace of love and romance.”

A sensually fruity, floral fragrance that is elegant and distinctive, Il Bacio was first introduced in 1993 and has become an enduringly stylish classic. It has top notes of a glorious floral composition, with delicate freesia, honeysuckle, jasmine, lily-of-the valley, and rose; multi-faceted middle notes of fruity florals with melon, peach, plum, and passion fruit; and bottom notes of musk, amber, sandalwood and cedarwood. Borghese compares the sensual feel of Il Bacio with a soft, Italian sunset – the golden light that warms the countryside, the extravagant flowers, and magical architecture. This is a scent that blends all of these in an intoxicating fragrance that’s all about Italy.

So gather up your most gorgeous fragrances this season like a perfect bouquet, and use them extravagantly – a spritz behind your neck that lingers, a mist in your hair that makes that special someone want to come closer, a tap on each wrist, behind your knees, and on your lower back for a happy surprise. Fragrances unlock sensual memories and romantic possibilities at the same time, and it’s the season to let their beauty unfold. Buon San Valentino!

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