Mozzafiato Gives Back to Save Venice in Honor of its 50th Anniversary

Venice is a dream - 

As exquisite as a jewel box, it has withstood wars, invasions, floods, crushing tourism, and the Black Death.
Venice is a virtuoso. Its improbable design, complicated footprint, and spectacular beauty have fed artists like bread, inspiring soaring masterpieces of human expression.
Venice is magic. Only three square miles, its influence on human art and history has been gigantic.
Save Venice Photography
In this tiny town is all the romance of human history. It is aspiration and triumph, fragility and faith, at turns astonishingly ornate and heartbreakingly simple. The agonies, ecstasies, glories and frailties of our shared humanity preserved in marbles and jewel-toned oils, in churches, museums, and public squares, in Venetian greetings between friends whose roots in the city are centuries old. The city itself is a masterpiece of engineering, roughly 120 small islands in a lagoon at the head of the Adriatic Sea connected by hundreds of bridges and traversed by canal. To move through Venice is to be reminded of how close we are to the elemental – to water that ebbs and flows, land that can be both solid and shifting, and human labor on which survival depends.
Its greatness is among our greatest treasures. And its preservation is in our hands. UNESCO in 2021 has taken the rare step of recommending the city be placed on its list of World Heritage in Danger sites.
Save Venice Art Restoration
As part of the Mozzafiato promise, we have a commitment to beauty nourished by nature, time, and a deep connection to the land, people, and style of Italy. Behind each of our brands is a story, behind every story are people and places – and all of it is Italy. Italy has given us such exceptional beauty, and we are equally invested in giving back to nourish the beauty of Italy.
Save Venice Photo
For 50 years, Save Venice has been conserving and celebrating the artistic heritage of Venice. Formed in the wake of devastating floods in 1966, it is now the leading American nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the artistic and cultural heritage of this remarkable city. To date, Save Venice has funded the conservation of more than 550 projects and 1,000 individual works of art, and with our support, this work can continue and expand. When you enter code SAVEVENICE at checkout, 10% of your order value goes directly to Save Venice to support their essential work on behalf of some the world’s greatest artistic and historic treasures.
Save Venice Restoration
Simply by shopping with us for your favorite Italian brands and products, you will make a difference for the future of Venice. Please join Mozzafiato in supporting the continued work of Save Venice as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.
The SAVEVENICE code is valid until July 1, 2022.