Viva La Mamma! New Mother’s Day Bundle for All the Moms You Love

Italians love their mothers. And in a country where even a good mozzarella can induce tears of joy, the annual Italian celebration of moms and motherhood is a true feast of emotions, marked by visits home, large family meals, and phone calls from far away.

But these holiday tributes on the second Sunday in May only tell part of the story. Italians have a special reverence for the women who raise and nurture children – they embody the country’s deep connections to the earth, fertility, and an abundant and joyful life. In a country where traditions around faith and family are closely intertwined, mothers are at the heart of the social structure – keeping homes and communities strong often while working outside the home, as well.

“…(A) mother’s love is a wealth/is like the sea/that never ends.” – Neapolitan poet Salvatore di Giacomo

At Mozzafiato, we celebrate mothers everywhere with our thoughtfully curated Mother’s Day Bundle, a beautiful collection of products that resonate with the finest flowers, scents, and oils that Mother Earth has to offer - Perlier's Honey & Camellia Body Butter, Acca Kappa's White Fig & Honey Bar Soap, and Rudy Profumi's Pink Peony Body Water.




Ortigia Sicilia Gift Box

The magnificent Ortigia Sicilia Gift Box is a work of art all on its own, but open it up to feast on the aromas of a Sicilian spring – a set of fine soaps scented with orange flowers, narcissus, wild Iris and bergamot.

Carthusia’s Corallium candle

From the island of Capri, we’ve included Carthusia’s Corallium candle, with a fragrance of rare intensity and sensuousness – hints of wood, aromatic herbs, fruit, and flowers seasoned by the sea air.

Magnolia Bath Foam from Acqua di Bolgheri

From Tuscany is the luxurious La Magnolia Bath Foam from Acqua di Bolgheri. It’s a bath foam enriched with moisturizing aloe and surfactants derived from Tuscan olive oil. And it’s perfume of rose, lily and jasmine energizes the soul.

Rudy Profumi Maioliche Hand Cream

Complete your mother’s journey through Italy with the Rudy Profumi Maioliche Hand Cream, scented in Amalfi Peony. A tribute to the beautiful Amalfi coast, the top notes of this rich and perfumed formula are fig, Neroli peach, and grapefruit. The heart notes of this luxurious hand cream are white rose and fig, followed by a base note of cedarwood.

This set is a glorious reminder that mothers are women first – fierce, independent, wise, and unstoppable. And even the most devoted mom needs a few hours to herself to relax in a quiet bath, with a glass of wine and a closed door. To re-charge, restore, and re-energize for all that tomorrow will bring.

Now, we’ll close this little tribute to the moms in our lives with a quote from a woman we love who may not have been Italian, but who captured so beautifully why motherhood is close to the Italian heart:

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism.”
– Comedian Gilda Radner

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