The Secret to Shopping for Dad, Italian-Style

Italians hold their annual Festa del Papá in March, on the same day as The Feast of St. Joseph, while families in the U.S. are just now gearing up for the annual celebration of all things Dad.

No matter when you celebrate, there’s one thing that holds true across cultures and generations: It is notoriously tough to shop for some men. And retailers seem equally at a loss for ideas – American stores stock up on golf-themed gifts, ties, alcohol and socks, as if the most distinctive thing we can say about the fathers in our lives is that they have feet and necks, play golf, and drink. Huh.

Surely, we can do better. All our dads – and uncles, brothers, sons, and grandpas, too – deserve a little special attention on Father’s Day, and they deserve remembrances that speak to who they are and what they really mean to us throughout our lives.

A friend once told me one of her favorite memories of her father was how he smelled when he hugged her – like tobacco and aftershave. That scent conjured his spirit years after he was gone, recalling his laughter, deep voice, strong arms, and generous heart.

As you get ready to celebrate your own father – or any father you love -- think about what in him has inspired you.

His adventurous spirit?

His sense of humor and fun?

His energy and tireless work ethic?

Then consider how those qualities translate into fragrance memories that you and he can treasure for years to come:

Invite that hard-working fellow in your life to greet the work week with an invigorating shower, enhanced by Borghese's Bagno di Vita Foaming Shower Gel, enriched with embracing botanical extracts.

Vela Eau de Toilette by Tuttotondo

For the outdoor adventurer, Tuttotondo's Vela Eau de Toilette, is the aromatic embodiment of a coastal stroll overlooking sun-kissed shores, settling into woody notes of musk and patchouli.

Vintage Gino Tin by Proraso

For the man who can always make you smile, bring a smile to his face with a retro 1950s-style shaving tin from Proraso, packed with their classic Refreshing and Toning shaving essentials. The kit works for all beards and skin types, and includes a pre-shave cream, after-shave balm, and a tube of shaving cream all sparkling with aromas of eucalyptus and menthol.

Mozzafiato has pulled together a truly sophisticated and one-of-a-kind gift collection for men that includes natural, Italian-made deodorants, toothpastes, shaving and beard care products, fragrances, classic brushes and soaps, and other essentials designed to appeal to even the hardest-to-shop-for guy. Each is finely crafted by artisans who have a rich and enduring legacy of quality and style.

In the Italian spirit, we also encourage you to bring friends and family together for a great meal, read a poem or two, and embrace one another – because the best gift of all is that we can do that again.

Buona Festa del Papá!