Simple and Professional: The Art of Office Giving

Work gifts can be a challenge.

You want something that expresses how much you appreciate your colleagues without crossing the line into something that’s too personal. If you work in a large office and have several people to buy for, you want something that’s classy but reasonably affordable. And you want your gifts to be equitable as well as enjoyable – as meaningful to the office intern as to your boss.

Once upon a time, we’d all hand out bottles of wine or plates of cookies…but not everyone drinks, and many people today have dietary restrictions that might preclude sugar, eggs, butter, wheat, dairy, etc.

Most of all, you can’t spend a whole lot of time focused on what to get your colleagues. You love and respect them, but most likely, you also have a whole lot of shopping and other preparations to deal with between now and January.

So here are a few quick tips for office gift-shopping that’s speedy, fun, and easy on the wallet.

Set a budget and stick to it.

Decide how much you can afford to spend on this segment of your holiday gift list. If that limit is $200, stick to it…whether you’re buying for a group or you just have one, glorious assistant to shop for. With professionally curated sites like Mozzafiato, it’s easy to find fun, tasteful, and elegant gifts at a wide range of prices. If you can splurge, get that amazing assistant a gift bundle of beautiful Italian bath products. But if you have a whole crew to shop for, find one or two smaller items that spread joy without spreading your credit card balance too thin.

Avoid gags.

The working world is littered with the careers of those who tried to be funny with office gag gifts and crossed all sorts of lines. Holiday giving in the workplace is a way to say “thank you” and “I appreciate you” and “I wish you joy” – nothing more. A small, sincere gift with practical value is always the right choice. We know, for example, that everyone washes their hands…and during a global pandemic, it’s a great practice to encourage. So, you can’t miss by giving an exquisite bar or pump soap from an Italian heritage brand that both feels and smells wonderful.

Stay gender neutral.

To keep it simple, stick with items that work for all genders and ages … and get a few extras just in case you missed someone on your list. Candles, soaps, lip balms, and room fragrances are great gifts for anyone, and they come in such a wide variety that you can personalize your gifts by finding a scent or color that fits the personality of each recipient. These gifts also have the benefit of being holiday-neutral – appropriate for whatever winter holidays your colleagues celebrate.

Remember that giving reflects your brand.

The gifts you give in the workplace reflect who you are as a professional … so you want to choose items that resonate with your personal brand. Sophisticated, fun-loving, thoughtful, and innovative are all qualities worth sharing – and can be communicated with simple gifts that make good sense for the workplace.

Check out our Mozzafiato holiday gift guide for more ideas that will surprise and delight all the special people on your list.

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