The Five Everyday Italian Essentials in my Morning Skin Care Routine: Our CEO Amy Shares the Beauty Basics

I am not a 20-step skin care person. On weekday mornings, I’m juggling work, kids, pets and everything, so my entire morning routine is built for efficiency… and that includes my skin-care ritual.

I know… skin care is very important. Our skin protects us from all sorts of health risks, and we owe it the attention to keep it clean, fresh, and glowing. A good skin-care routine helps prevent visible signs of aging while also giving that vital extra boost of confidence to start the day. But we have to balance all that with the reality of daily life. I try to keep my morning skin care to just a few steps, so each one must be ultra-effective and when possible, each product multi-tasking. And, because we are Mozzafiato, I expect to enjoy the Italian soul and scents of the products, bringing a dose of joy to start the day.

Here’s my weekday morning regimen, in five essential steps:

Step One

I start with the lightest cleanse. I live in a very dry climate, and I’ve found that washing with soap in the morning over-dries my skin and leaves it feeling tight. I stopped cleansing altogether for a while and just refreshed with a toner, but my skin wasn’t feeling clean enough. The solution for me is using just a touch of Truffle Therapy Cleansing Foam – a light gel cleanser that does it all – cleanses, refreshes, brightens, softens, exfoliates and infuses antioxidants into my skin.  It contains their signature ingredient, the Black Winter Truffle from Umbria, and it smells wonderful.

Truffle Therapy Cleansing Foam by Skin&Co Roma

Step Two

With my skin feeling fresh and glowy, I apply Borghese’s Power-C Firming and Brightening Serum. It comes in perfect little capsules so I can apply just the right amount of this power-packed serum. This product moisturizes and defends my skin against free radicals, all while firming and helping to protect against premature aging.

Borghese’s Power-C Firming and Brightening Serum

Step Three

I dab a little Prato Botanico Renewing Eye Serum around my tired eyes – the serum that moisturizes, firms and protects the eye contour. This triple action emulsion leaves my skin silky to the touch, as well as reduces wrinkles, combats the loss of collagen, and keeps away dark circles thanks to plant actives.

Prato Botanico Renewing Eye Serum

Step Four

Then I apply an SPF 50 lotion sunscreen, but it’s nearly impossible for me to find a sunscreen that blends well onto my skin and moisturizes. My solution here is to cocktail whatever lotion I have on hand with Perlier’s Hemp Oil for Face, Body, and Hair. Adding a few drops of this oil to the sunscreen is like magic. It makes the sunscreen feel silky and smooth on my face and it melts into my skin perfectly. The oil infuses moisture into my skin that makes it look and feel fresh all day. In addition to moisture and antioxidants, Hemp Oil is anti-inflammatory so it helps to thwart breakouts, which can still affect me. I apply this cocktail to my neck, décolleté, and back of my hands, as well. Sometimes I also add a few drops of the oil to the ends of my hair when it’s looking dry.

Perlier’s Hemp Oil for Face, Body, and Hair

Step Five

I then leave my face alone for a few minutes to drink in all of that goodness while I brush my teeth (with Marvis, of course) and then comes my very favorite part: Perlier Imperial Honey Drops Super Nourishing Body Cream.

This is the kind of body cream that is so incredibly good, such a joy, it actually makes you want to get out of bed in the morning to put it on. The honey scent combined with “precious oriental woods” is indescribably delicious. It feels like a dream on your skin. It makes everything feel soft, smooth, and luscious – and lasts the entire day.

Perlier Imperial Honey Drops Super Nourishing Body Cream

That’s it! Ready for a touch of make-up, clothes, fragrance, and we’re off. 

Now, if it’s a weekend morning – and I have the luxury of a bit more time – it’s a different story entirely. But that’s a subject for a different post.  Until then, arrivederci!


Amy Parsons is Chief Executive Officer of Mozzafiato LLC, the definitive collection of authentic Italian beauty brands

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