The Lost Art of the Hostess Gift

Be the Best Guest this Holiday Season and Rekindle the Art of the Hostess Gift  

The hostess gift may not be completely a lost art, but it’s veering dangerously close. We at Mozzafiato are determined to change all that.

With all of the holiday soirees looming, it’s easy to just show up with a bottle of wine in hand, accompanied by the vague hope that your hostess a) drinks; b) drinks wine; and c) prefers the particular varietal and vintage you grabbed from your kitchen rack on the way out the door.

We can do better!

Hosts deserve our gratitude. They spend their time and money to bring friends and family together, hoping to spark memories, laughter, and enduring connections.

A gift is never required, and these days, rarely even expected … but it’s always appreciated. And the right gift makes a statement about your taste, your manners, and your thoughtfulness that add to your personal brand.

When someone welcomes you into their home, it takes only a few minutes to plan something personal and unforgettable as a way to say “thank you.” Our philosophy is this: Your arrival at any gathering is an event, and you should always strive to make your hosts gasp with delight, while also making it seem effortless and easy.

As we said, it’s an art.

And Mozzafiato has all you need to master the art form with a minimum of effort.

Here are three of our top favorite picks for hostess gifts this season:

  • A candle from Ortigia Sicilia. The gorgeous candles from Ortigia Sicilia are works of art, and we’re particularly enchanted with the Melograno Decorated Candle, infused with the crisp, dry, somewhat bitter perfume of pomegranate. The print on the candleholder creates a stunning effect as it burns, and even unlit, it looks beautiful sitting on a counter or sinktop.
  • Scented crystals from Lorenzo Villoresi. Home fragrance comes in many forms, but this one is particularly surprising and fun. Lorenzo Villoresi’s Alamut Scented Crystals are made from a mysterious vegetable resin, transparent and clear, with bright reflections and warm shades of amber and gold. But it’s the fragrance they’ll remember – exotic and dreamy, blending the materials of modern Italy with the spices and essences of the Orient in the Renaissance era.
  • Our Italian Home Four Seasons Bundle includes the warm and comforting Skin & Co Roma Umbrian Truffle Hand Soap, enriched with the fragrance of fig and vanilla. It also includes two of Acqua dell'Elba's most popular fragrances in the form of the Note di Natale Room Spray and Mare Home Diffuser. The finishing touch to this exclusive Mozzafiato bundle is the delightful Carthusia Via Camerelle Candle, a scent that celebrates one's love of the sea, flowers, and life.

These items are practical, unique, and loaded with style – truly gasp-worthy, but also effortless and unpretentious. Make artful gifting a part of your signature style this season, and the invitations will be pouring in.

Visit our Home Collection for more ideas and ask us at for personalized recommendations.