Three Easy Italian-Inspired Resolutions for Him in 2023

We have one resolution for men this year and it’s this: Sprezzatura!

Sprezzatura: The Italian art of casual elegance and style without fussiness.

Baldassare Castiglione coined the term back in 1528 and defined it as, “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort ...”

It’s a purely Italian ideal, springing from a culture where style and beauty matter only because they bring enjoyment to life. In Italy, people understand that looking your best is part of feeling your best, a reflection of good health and vitality. The effort you put into caring for yourself is a sign of self-respect – and a gift you give to the world.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, here are three simple steps to self-care that will yield big results:

1. Find a barbiere you trust.

A well-crafted, professional haircut and shave are among the best investments you can make in your appearance. (For a close-up look at the gorgeous art and culture of the Italian barbershop, enjoy this quick tour through Napoli with Proraso Master Barbiere Michael Haar.) When at home, incorporate these classic Italian barbershop essentials into your daily routine.

  • Antica Barbieria Colla Capsicum & Menthol Lotion For Hair - Antica's bestseller, it strengthens and boosts hair growth, extracted from essential oils and created by Franco Bompieri himself.
  • Proraso Refreshing & Toning After Shave Lotion -  Traditionally formulated from a selection of fresh and natural ingredients that cool and tone your skin. Added witch hazel reduces rashes and razor burn. A pleasant and invigorating daily habit to complete your shaving ritual.
  • Cella Milano Rapid Shaving Cream - A special cream designed to be used without a brush for an ultra-rapid shave. Its transparent texture on the face visibly outlines the areas to be shaved with extreme precision, and forms the shape of the beard, moustache, sideburns and goatee beard.
  • Mondial 1908 Premium Black Resin & Chrome Cartridge Razor

    The 'Premium' collection handle profile has a sleek, tapered sophistication as the thickness of its shaft wanes from the neck to the tip. The handle's high-quality ebony resin is bookended by end caps in chrome. Compatible with Fusion blade cartridges.

2. Care for your skin.

We love a finely tailored suit as much as the next person, but nothing you wear matters more than the skin you live in. Healthy skin glows with energy and life – and it requires daily care. Italians have perfected the art, performance, and style of gentleman’s grooming over centuries, and the result is that you have access to a wealth of exceptional products for cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishing your skin. Use them. Take the time to find the right bath soap, an exfoliating facial cream and moisturizer, pre-shave and aftershave treatments that soothe without irritating, and masks to give your skin a regular boost of extra nourishment.

  • Parco1923 Bar Soap - fit for hands and delicate enough for the face, Parco's natural ingredients respect the PH of the skin and leaves an immediate feeling of cleanliness and veiled in a woodsy perfume.
  • Borghese Purifying Mud Mask -  a Borghese staple, this detoxifying mask helps counteract environmental pollution with a blend of powerful survivalist plant extracts. It exfoliates skin and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines.
  • Tuttotondo's Vela Pre-Electric Shave Formula - the best partner to prepare the beard for an electric razor. It softens the beard & prevents skin irritation to provide a softening, soothing, protective, and refreshing experience. 

3. Smell great.

A clean and subtle scent is an essential part of a man’s grooming routine. It communicates style without words, elegance without effort. And Italian heritage brands offer a rich array of scents that conjure thoughts of the ocean, old-growth forests, and exotic spices. Find a scent that helps you feel as fresh and energized as when you’ve just come out of the barber’s chair – and let it speak for you throughout the day, and into the evening.

  • Tuttotondo Golf Eau de Toilette - A sparkling and aromatic fragrance, reminiscent of the pleasing scent that wafts in the air when walking in a green meadow between one golf swing and another. Bergamot, ivy and nutmeg are shrouded in an aroma of iris and white cedar which then surrender to the warmth of cistus, patchouli and cashmere wood.
  • Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo Eau de Toilette - Tuscan spices combined with a variety of woods, bourbon, and a hint of citrus delight the senses in this fragrance by Lorenzo Villoresi for men. Fresh, yet masculine, Uomo has Calabrian Bergamot, from the Calabrian region in the South of Italy, equatorial peppers and Oakmoss. This fragrance is a true classic that will never go out of style. For a classic, masculine, distinct scent, Uomo delivers.
  • Acqua Di Bolgheri Cipresso Nobile - The majestic cypress trees are regarded as protectors of the immortal beauty of Bolgheri. The purity of the scent of cypress together with water notes reveal hints of lavender, dissolving into a precious fresh trail.  The primary notes of Acqua di Bolgheri's Cipresso Nobile are: cypress, bergamot and water notes, lily of the valley and lavender, sclarea sage and sweet wood.

    This is the secret of sprezzatura – thoughtful self-care allows you to approach the world with confidence and nonchalance. It’s not about avoiding all effort, but about making it such a natural part of your life and routine that the effort involved doesn’t show.

    Resolve to care for yourself in these three small ways, and we promise your 2023 will be a more beautiful and stylish year. Viva l’Italia!