Three Quick and Joyful Italian-Inspired Resolutions for Her

Whether enjoying a bountiful plate of pasta or diving off an oceanside cliff, Italians know how to embrace each moment with passion and style. And there’s no better time than the start of a new year to take that inspiration and bring more zest for living into our own daily routines.

Try these three, fun ways to bring a little Italian spirit into your 2023:

Say “yes” to something new

Embracing the moment means letting your guard down and opening yourself up to new tastes and experiences. Italy has a way of awakening our sense of adventure. We feel it when we’re gazing at a Renaissance masterpiece in Florence for the first time – or sampling wine and olives at a sun-drenched Tuscan villa. Those magical moments are anyone’s for the taking, but you have to be open to the moment. And if you don’t have plans to go window-shopping in Milan any time soon, you can still enjoy the thrill of the new with a simple change to your daily routine. Try a sensuous new mud mask or experiment with a scent you’ve never considered before. Just say “yes.”

(Consider these lesser known niche Italian fragrances that bring an unexpected spark of fun:)

  • Tuttotondo's Spritz Veneziano - A tribute to the irresistible long drink that has conquered and amused the world, giving magical moments of conviviality.
  • Acqua Di Bolgheri's Rosa - As irresistible, noble and sweet as a rose petal. Its rose and peach blossom heart surrounds every emotion with a white femininity. 
  • Acca Kappa's Calycanthus - Elegant and refined, the timid and delicate calycanthus confronts the cold winter air as its seductive notes bloom in snowy Italian gardens.

Indulge your passion 

Our passions connect us to the eternal, and Italians unabashedly enjoy what they love. Chocolate? Beauty? Wine? Sports? Pasta? Art? Nature? Love? These are all glorious things that contribute to a rich and beautiful life. The secret is to indulge without over-indulging – to take the time to savor each moment, each bite. This year, resolve to quit feeling guilty about treating yourself – and instead find ways to indulge yourself with intention. Make it a part of every day that you can anticipate and savor.

Take the time to soak in that luxurious bath. Light a gorgeous, fragrant candle when the sun goes down. No apologies!

  • Lorenzo Villoresi's Teint De Neige Scented Candle - An aroma delicately permeated by the richness of the natural extracts of precious flowers, recalling the light, images and atmosphere of the belle-epoque.
  • Carthusia's Corallium Candle - A refreshing essence born of the sea, made to enchant. A fragrance of rare intensity and sensuousness with hints of fragrant wood, aromatic herbs, fruit and flowers seasoned by the sea air.
  • Ortigia Sicilia's Macchiamare Oro Candle -  This gorgeous candle brings the exotic aesthetics of Sicily to any room with a rich scent of winter wood and incense, and arrives in a distinctive keepsake box.

Add a little glamour to your every day

 Italians appreciate la bella figura. While it translates directly to “the beautiful figure” the notion of la bella figura is really more about self-respect and caring about your appearance. It’s an idea that many of us let slip away during the last couple of years of working from home and socially distancing. But 2022 is time to recommit to trying just a wee bit harder in how we represent. It’s time to add a few new signature pieces to your wardrobe…to start wearing earrings again…to try a bold new lipstick. When you’re wearing a mask, try a classic cat-eye and long lashes, a la Sophia Loren, peeking over the top.

Give yourself the gift of time and attention with these glamourous products by Borghese …la bella figura.

  • Shine Infusion Darling Lip Gloss - a vivid raspberry statement color with a high shine finish - the superior shine of a gloss meets the sheer payoff of a lipstick
  • Black Ottima Volumizing MascaraLongwearing and lightweight, this smudge-proof polymer-blend mascara delivers big, bold lashes with maximum volume.

There you have it:

Three resolutions that are all about joy…and that you don’t need to worry about breaking. Let the Italian zest for life be your guide through 2023. Viva l’Italia!