Tips from CEO Amy: Shop My Summer Travel Bag
From daytrips and quick overnights to dream vacations, it seems we’re all getting back on the road and out in the world again this summer. And that means being ready with the essentials for whatever the day’s adventures demand.
I love traveling for work and play, and like a lot of you, I’m making up for lost time over the past few years. But I also know that my skin tends to quickly get out of whack when I’m moving between different points on the map, with different climates, temperatures, air quality, and more. So I keep to my basic morning skin care routine – cleansing, brightening, sunscreen cocktailed with a little hemp oil, and moisturizer. And then I supplement with some of my favorite Italian products specially designed for whatever summer and travel throw my way.
Feet tired from walking or rough from the beach? This Honey and Mint Foot Scrub from Perlier is natural and invigorating, formulated with rich ingredients, including fine pumice, to smooth and soften even the most tired toes.
   Honey and Mint Foot Scrub
To fight my hair frizz in humidity and heat, I love the Green Mandarin scent and fast-acting formula of Acca Kappa’s Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream. Just brush a little through your damp hair after your morning shower, and you’re ready to go. Formulated with Moringa extract and Linseed oil, this leave-in cream hydrates and protects your hair – leaving it shiny, soft, and frizz-free even on active, sweaty, summer days.
I’m a big believer in making a statement with fragrance, and on hot days, I want that statement to be light and uplifting, without the heaviness of a full perfume. That’s when I go for a body water like the Hibiscus-scented Ibisco Acqua Profumata from Rudy Profumi. A little spritz dances with tints of pink pepper, jasmine, and sandalwood, making it perfectly refreshing for a day by the pool or a night under the stars. And at this price point, it’s worth stocking up on all their lively and uplifting scents. Along with Hibiscus, there’s orange blossom, bergamot, rose, olive oil, orange & spice, lavender, pink peony, magnolia – a full garden of earthly delights!
Rudy Profumi Hibiscus Body Water
When my eyes are heavy and my skin needs an immediate burst of hydration, I pull out Perlier’s Black Rice Platinum Micro-Infusion Spray, the perfect SOS treatment after a day in the sun (or on a plane). It’s immediate refreshing hydration for the face – powerful, yet small enough for a purse and travel.
Perlier Micro Infusion Spray
There’s nothing worse than dry lips, and summer breezes, sun, and air-conditioning can be as hard on your lips as that icy winter chill. I’m always ready for the worst with a couple of nourishing lip balms tucked in my bag. The Chestnut Castagna Lip Balm from Tuttotondo just looks like summer in its adorable packaging, and it’s formulated without parabens and mineral oils, making it especially soothing for sensitive skin.
white almond lip balm
Acca Kappa’s Bio Lip Balm – the one Beverly Hills Magazine praised for its “soft, silky formula” and “rich composition of vegetable oils and butters” – adds an extra touch of nourishment needed to keep your smile sparkling and healthy.
Acca Kappa Bio Lip Balm
When travel does disrupt my skin’s balance, I always return to my Borghese mud mask to detox and rebalance.  We now carry the mini size, perfect for travel. This is a great detox max for counteracting environmental pollutants and boosting elasticity – and really, it’s just a treat for your face and spirits any time you want a little lift and refresh.
Borghese Advanced Fango Mini Mud Mask
Those are my summer essentials – pack up your own summer travel bag and join me out in the world! Let’s have some great travel adventures while the sun is out.


Ciao! Amy        

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