Top 5 Best Hand Creams for Dry, Frequently Washed Hands

Recent beauty and wellness trends have put skincare into the spotlight, creating a wave of demand for different kinds of products to protect and nourish the skin. Unfortunately, hands—and by extension, hand creams—are often overlooked when it comes to body care. 

With the amount of activity that your hands are doing every day, using a quality hand cream is essential in helping your skin remain soft, smooth, and hydrated. Hand creams provide that much-needed moisture for hands that have naturally dry skin and have likely become further dried out by harsh and cold weather, frequent hand washing, and disinfectants. 

Additionally, hand creams provide an instant mood boost with their variety of gorgeous scents. Whether you’re looking to elevate your  hand cream experience or just add variety to your current stash, here are some of the top hand creams from top Italian beauty brands.

Perlier Imperial Honey Marvelous Protection Hand Cream

True to its name, this luxurious hand cream from Perlier promises protection for your hands thanks to two key ingredients: Royal Jelly and Black Bees Honey. 

Royal Jelly is a potent compound made up of various vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that rejuvenates the skin and keeps it youthful. Meanwhile, Black Bees Honey is a rare type of honey harvested from the Black Sicilian Bee, which contains ten times more antioxidants than regular honey.

Together, the Imperial Honey Marvelous Protection Hand Cream moisturizes the hands and boosts the skin’s natural restorative properties without feeling sticky. The cream also has a natural honey fragrance, leaving you with smooth and supple hands that smell delightfully sweet.

Parco1923 Nourishing Body/Hand Cream

With frequent handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers, the skin’s natural oils are stripped away, often leading to dryness and irritation. Parco1923’s Nourishing Body/Hand Cream is an all-around cream that helps nourish and care for your skin through the power of botanical extracts.

This body and hand cream features Rose Hip, Linden, Hawthorne, St. John’s Wort, and Angelica. Rose Hip is a great natural source of Vitamin C, which slows down the skin’s aging process. The rich polysaccharides content of Linden helps reduce the skin’s dryness, while Hawthorne, St. John’s Wort, and Angelica lessen any redness and irritation. 

The nourishing effects of the product are paired with a fresh and outdoorsy scent, making it compatible with all kinds of people—men thoroughly  enjoy this product with no reservations!

Acqua di Bolgheri Oro Hand Cream Organic

Dry hands can end up rough and even affect the integrity of your nails. The Acqua di Bolgheri Oro Hand Cream Organic gives you a rich moisturizing experience from your palms to the tips of your fingernails.

With organic Tuscan olive oil, beeswax, Royal Jelly, and Shea butter, this hand cream provides a luxurious formula guaranteed to soften the skin and deeply moisturize. It also contains other vegetable extracts and Vitamin E, which work to combat wrinkles and aging. Finally, organic millet and panthenol provide the nutrients needed to strengthen your fingernails.

This rich formulation is fully organic and is lightly fragranced with Bolgheri citrus, creating a refreshing yet pampering effect on your skin.

Rudy Profumi Nature & Arome Hand Cream Enriched with Vitamin E (Apothecary) - Lavender & Jojoba Oil

Rudy Profumi Nature & Arome Hand Cream Enriched with Vitamin E (Apothecary) - Lavender & Jojoba Oil

Many skin products contain natural extracts that boost the skin’s biological functions and replenish its lost nutrients. The onset of dry skin is easily remedied  when you’re using a hand cream like the Rudy Profumi Nature & Arome Hand Cream Enriched with Vitamin E (Apothecary) - Lavender & Jojoba Oil.

Rudy Profumi’s Nature & Arome Apothecary is a dedicated line of personal care products infused with a variety of precious oils and Vitamin E, making it the ideal solution for reducing dryness and wrinkles. To top it off, the fragrance of Lavender and Jojoba Oil makes using this cream a calming and soothing experience on its own. 

Borghese Deep Hydration Hand Sheet Masks

Like your face, your hands need--and deserve--the extra care to keep the skin in excellent shape. While the idea of using sheet masks for your hands may seem like a novel concept, the payoff from the Borghese Deep Hydration Hand Sheet Masks is well worth the effort.

These sheet masks are enriched with a powerful serum that delivers deep hydration, while the glove form ensures that the formula is evenly delivered all over your hands. Ingredients like Allantoin and Milk Protein Extract provide the serum’s hydrating effects, while Sodium Hyaluronate aids in lessening fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

If you want to pamper yourself after a long week, these sheet masks give you the perfect way to relax while rejuvenating your hands.

Skincare Down to Your Fingertips

Taking care of your skin should be a holistic effort, especially in the “new normal” of increased handwashing and disinfection. These five products will keep your hands from suffering the worst of dryness and aging, all while providing a little extra relaxation to your routine.

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