What Does Mozzafiato Mean? The Beauty Beneath the Name

Rick Zullo hosts one of my favorite podcasts, The Fatal Charm of Italy, where he shares his irreverent take on Italian culture – “the many reasons why this beautiful, chaotic country continues to inspire the dreams of travelers and writers and expats year after year.” Rick is a master storyteller with an encyclopedic knowledge of Italy, and he also has a special ability to dig just a little deeper and to find glorious words and humor that bring new ideas to light.

I sat down with him recently to talk about Mozzafiato, and he started right off talking about our company name. That wasn’t a surprise – I get asked fairly regularly what “mozzafiato” means and why we chose it. The easy answer is that it loosely translates to “breathtaking.” We wanted an Italian word – something beautiful that Americans could pronounce, and this one is both fun to say and distinctly Italian.

But right at the beginning of our conversation, Rick noted, “The literal translation is ‘breathtaking,’ but like much of the Italian language, direct translation only scratches the surface of the beauty beneath.” The Italian dictionary definition, he pointed out, offers so much more: “That which arouses amazement, admiration, impression; that which startles violently.”

And that, he said, was his reaction when he first came across our unmatched collection of stylish, finely crafted Italian beauty and wellness brands. Mozzafiato!

To us, Mozzafiato has become so much more than a beautiful word. It’s a promise. We will always select only those products with rich family and regional stories behind them – products that do amaze and inspire. These are not just beauty products, but products to bring beauty into every part of our lives and daily routines, products that help us celebrate the small joys and simple loveliness of our own unique and chaotic lives. 

And we bring these products to you with La Promessa Mozzafiato – a promise in three parts: Anima, Qualita, Stile.

Anima - Italian Soul

We have traveled all the glorious regions of Italy to discover and bring you the very best native Italian beauty brands. These brands are born in Italy, their souls enriched by the country's culture, history and geography. All of these products continue to be inspired by the innovative Italian families who created them. The Mozzafiato collection of brands share a commitment to beauty nourished by nature, time, and a deep connection to the land, people, and style of del Bel Paese.

Qualita - Product Performance and Quality

Every product in the Mozzafiato collection meets our highest expectations of quality, authenticity and performance. Our team of beauty experts seek out brands built on the highest principles and foundations of exquisite natural ingredients with specialized, unique formulations. We personally use and recommend all of the products we carry including skincare, fragrance, bath and body collections so that we are confident they deliver the luxurious and enduring results that our discerning clients desire.

Stile - Italian Style and Joy, representing the Diversity of the Country

Our products embody the true spirit of Italian beauty and style—effortless grace, harmony, and originality that are each reflected in the gorgeous packaging, bold use of color, and sophisticated, masterful design. Our collection reflects our audience: modern and timeless, classic and spirited, elegant and joyful. The Mozzafiato assortment speaks to the diversity of the beautiful country in which they are born and promises the authenticity of products from the rich and varied life experiences of those who create them.

Che suscita stupore, ammirazione, impressione; che fa trasalire violentemente.” Live a life of beauty with Mozzafiato.

Until next time –

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