Why Italian Skin Care?

Four Reasons Italian Skin Care, Beauty, and Grooming Should Be the Center of your Routine

Whether it’s a perfectly frothed cappuccino, a vintage Vespa, or a masterfully tailored jacket, Italians bring a touch of art and style to everything they do. That deep, personal respect for beauty and craft has made Italy the world leader in skin care and personal grooming practices founded on the best natural ingredients, the highest standards, and undisputed mastery of technique.

Here are four top reasons you should start today to weave a little Italian artistry into the core of your skin care and beauty routines:

  1. Italians are the World’s Experts.  Beauty is a fact of daily life in the country that gave birth to Michelangelo, the Trevi Fountain, and the Duomo di Milano – and no one knows more about personal beauty and skin care than the modern Italian masters. Italy produces more of the world’s cosmetics than any other country in the world, and iconic Italian brands like Borghese, Carthusia, Acca Kappa, and Proraso have been at work perfecting the craft for generations. Today, these and other legacy brands are blending cutting-edge science with that deep multi-generational expertise and passion to create the finest and most innovative products on the market.
  2. Diversity of Ingredients. The geography of Italy is unmatched – no other country has its coastlines, ancient forests, vast countryside, tropical islands, and towering Alps. Italian beauty experts draw on this natural bounty, sourcing raw and powerful ingredients like crystals from the Sicilian salt caves, honey from the Italian black bees, truffle oil from Umbria, the purest olive oil from Tuscany, and transforming them into products with remarkable natural healing and restorative properties.
  3. Performance.  That alchemy of expertise and superior, natural ingredients means Italian products deliver unbeatable performance. Brands like Skin & Co Roma, Prato Botanico, Perlier, and more are celebrated for their quality. And the luminous, glowing Italian faces you see in every coffee house (and magazine) are a testament to how fully these products deliver on their promise.
  4. Connection to the families and brands behind the products. You can buy a tube of moisturizer anywhere, but there’s a real difference when you know who makes a product and the values that guide every choice about its quality and composition. Italian beauty artisans are deeply proud of and embedded in the country that nurtures them. Each brand has a unique story and promise, and the creators draw on their rich heritage, their relationship to the land, and their knowledge of nature’s power to improve our lives and our health. Then they wrap all of it together in a style all their own, with packaging as gorgeous and exciting as the products themselves. Whether it’s the elegance of Ortigia Sicilia or the playful colors of Tuttotondo, every brand has a personality inspired by the lives, dreams, and incomparable style of the people behind it.

No matter where you are on the planet, you can incorporate the best of Italian skin care and beauty into your daily routine – and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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