Why Toothpaste Should Take Center Stage in your Beauty Routine

Change the time you spend brushing your teeth from a utilitarian, same-every-day, chore to an opportunity for a fun, beautiful moment.  Brushing your teeth is already part of your daily routine, so why not transform those small but important windows of self-care so that they actually lift your spirits and delight the senses?

You can make it happen just by taking another look at what’s in your toothpaste tube.

Today’s oral care products have come a long way from the time when ancient cultures picked at their teeth with fish bones and quills and cleaned them by chewing on bark and sticks or rags soaked in salt. As far back as 5000 BC, people were devising cleaning agents to serve the function of toothpaste. But those early pastes were designed for abrasion. Over the millennia, people crushed shells, talc, wood ash, bones, hooves, egg shells, seeds, pumice, sea salt and all sorts of scratchy things that could be blended with water into what might best be called a “scrub” for the mouth. Romans later added flavorings like charcoal and bark to fight bad breath; Egyptians tried mint, pepper, and Iris flowers; the Chinese used ginseng and herbs.

If the idea of “abrasion” in your dental routine sets your teeth on edge, we’re right there with you. But don’t worry! High-quality toothpastes today clean, soothe, and freshen all in one beautiful package. And the best niche brands also look lovely on the bathroom counter.

But most of us aren’t accustomed to thinking of toothpaste as part of our beauty routine. In fact, an informal survey of a few random friends confirmed our suspicion that many people still use the toothpastes they grew up using …not because they’re great, or even good, but because they’re just there in the grocery aisle near the pharmacy – familiar, ordinary, and just the same as they always were. Corporate. Medicinal. Boring.

Your smile deserves better than that. It’s been called “the world’s most powerful gesture,” and it’s one of the first things people notice about you. A healthy smile helps you feel energetic and confident, and that’s not just your imagination: The physical act of smiling stimulates the parts of your brain that make you feel good, even more so than eating a piece of chocolate. It’s time to start making that smile really shine by thinking differently about one of the most essential beauty products in your daily regimen.

Mozzafiato’s one-of-a-kind collection of heritage Italian beauty brands gives you unparalleled access to products worthy of your at-home beauty rituals – that transport you to the soul of Italian beauty. Our toothpaste and oral care products, made from exquisite natural ingredients, reflect the craftsmanship and multigenerational dedication to quality that Italians bring to beauty. Here are a few of our favorites.

Two Storied Italian Stars of the Show: Marvis and Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa, a heritage Italian brand from Treviso, established in 1869, creates fragrances, professional brushes, body care, and wellness products inspired by the flowers and plants found in Italian gardens.  Generations of craftsmanship flow into every product, and lucky for all of us, they produce inspired toothpastes. 

Take for example these two beauties:

All are fluoride-free and formulated to deliver the top-of-the-line cleaning and protection, with the added delights of hints of gorgeous tastes and smells.   

Marvis, founded in 1958 in Florence, is legendary.  It has been called fashion.  It has been called the “haute cuisine” of toothpastes.  Whatever else it is, it is the most stylish toothpaste you could have on your countertop.  Their IG is an absolute masterpiece. And it’s particularly known for its magical whitening powers, great for helping erase those traces of coffee and red wine.

One quality that clearly sets Marvis apart is its gorgeous aesthetic: Its distinctive silver tube with rich color.  Take the Jasmin Mint tube.  The products are so beautiful, they deserve their own little piece of real estate on the bathroom counter.  The caps are wide so as to easily stand up straight on them.  Marvis also produces a lovely little squeezer that allows the tube to stand on its own and ensures you get every last dollop of product out of the tube…it’s one of those devices you never knew you needed. But you do. You really do.

And the flavors!  Aquatic mint, Jasmin, Ginger, Cinnamon.  Look at the flavor description for Karakum.

Can’t decide on a flavor?  Marvis offers sets of three and seven different travel-sized tubes so you can experience them all and find your favorites.

Then follow up your brushing with a bracing mint mouthwash, like their alcohol-free, fluoride-free, gluten free, and cruelty free concentrate.

Consider these gorgeous niche Italian toothpastes as the perfect gift for anyone, any occasion -- something that everyone needs, will use immediately, and will delight in the experience. And if you can’t make up your mind, start with one of the gift sets, designed to bring beauty, style, and flavor to your daily dental routine. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a finely crafted toothbrush, too, and kick off the new year in style.

While we’re focused on the mouth, it’s also a good idea to follow the brush with some nourishing and delightful lip balm. The soft and silky Bio Lip Balm from Acca Kappa; Perlier’s White Almond Soothing Lip Balm, rich in micronutrients and Vitamin E; or the Uva Fragola (“Strawberry Grape”) from Tutttotondo, with its antioxidant action and SPF15 protection – one of several enticing flavors in the Tuttotondo line.

After all, it’s almost romance season and our upcoming articles about the most romantic fragrances will surely inspire you toward ensuring a fresh mouth and soft lips.  😊 

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