BeC is a family business founded in 1982 in Forlì. For us, the health and beauty of the skin has always been a serious matter and we invest in research in our laboratories on a daily basis.
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Our Story

With microscopes and test tubes in the hands of our experts, our four internal labs are divided by type: chemistry, technique, microbiology, quality control and efficacy testing. In the BeC labs, our experts decide every day between raw materials. They evaluate their conservation, to determine the content of nutritional principles in food supplements, assess the presence of impurities or allergens, the microbiological purity of raw materials, study the absorption of the active ingredients of the cosmetic formulation through the human epidermis, develop new formulations and test their stability and efficacy on humans and much more.

Research comes to life in our labs.

The combination of carefully selected essential oils, natural extracts, precious plant oils, vitamins, mineral salts, anti-free radical vitamins, and our continual lab research form the basis of each unique BeC product.

BeC offers a wide selection of organic, plant-based beauty products and natural supplements including: face and body care, hygiene products, products designed for pregnant women and young children, sports products, sun creams designed and developed based off of studies conducted on various skin types, as well as the vast assortment of supplements developed according to the specific needs of our customers. 

All of our product lines are developed as a result of a deep understanding of your specific needs and are certified, safe, high-quality, and high-performing.

B&C Natura | Natural Line

A complete line of natural and vegetable cosmetic products and diet supplements developed for the highest performance, for the needs of the whole family.  Born from the union of nature with science, every formula by BeC Natura is based on respect. Respect is not only meant toward the equilibriums of our body, but it also extends toward the planet we live in.

BeC Natural Line

Terra biocare by B&C | Organic Line

A line of highly effective organic products, dedicated to those who want to practice a more conscious, ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle. Thus an innovative concept of beauty is born: an advanced and biocompatible technology that realizes the full symbiosis between man and nature against any form of exploitation and cruelty.

Terra biocare by BeC

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