The Borghese family name is as eternal as the city of Rome, synonymous with Italian refinement and royalty. The influence of the Borghese family stretches to architecture, art, culture and beauty. Drawing inspiration from her family heritage and Tuscan spa retreats, Princess Marcella Borghese began what has become the preeminent Italian beauty brand.
Region of Italy

Over 60 Years of Italian Spa Beauty

Self-care is more than a luxury in Italian culture, it's a way of life. It feeds the well being of your whole being: skin, soul and self. 

With a legacy rooted in the therapeutic benefits of Roman spa culture and the trailblazing entrepreneurship of Princess Marcella Borghese, Borghese is formulated to give you the royal treatment at home. 

Each skin, makeup and body offering is carefully crafted with rich botanicals inspired by Italy's lush landscapes, coupled with modern-day science, to deliver preventative skin care solutions and ‘me time’ that fits with any lifestyle. As clean beauty standards evolve, Borghese has responded with updated formulas and clean new product launches, while also maintaining the unparalleled results that have defined the brand for decades. 

Self-Care Redefined

A legacy of Italian beauty comes to life in effective treatments for skin, soul and self.

"True beauty lives in spirit but to cultivate it outwards, the skin is first priority." – Princess Marcella Borghese

"If you're going to do something about beauty care, do it very, very well." – Princess Marcella Borghese

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