Lorenzo Villoresi


Lorenzo Villoresi has traced a revolutionary path in artistic perfumery. Retracing the routes of the merchants of the Renaissance, in his perfumes the materials and fragrances of Italy meet and harmonize with the spices and the essences of the Orient. The unmistakable style of Lorenzo Villoresi’s creations is made of multifaceted formulas, excellent ingredients and intense, soft and embracing notes that go through the entire olfactory pyramid. His fragrances are capable of describing a kind of independent universe; they can evoke places, images, or even lead to a space of new emotional dimensions.



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It all started during a trip to the Middle East in 1981. Fascinated by the atmosphere of the places he visited, he brought back to Italy spices, essences and aromatic substances of all kinds. 

During those years, he began to experiment with aromatic plants and created his first formulas with essential oils. By the end of the 1980s and during the early years of his academic career in Ancient Philosophy, the world of perfumes had become his real passion.

This passion became a true business in 1990, when the fashion house Fendi commissioned a range of room fragrances. From that point forward, along with collaborations with famous Italian and international fashion creators, the first products were developed under the Lorenzo Villoresi brand.

All aspects of production are still carried out manually according to traditional methods, requiring time, patience and meticulous care and attention.

Our concept of “luxury” refers to the intrinsic and intangible values of our products. These include emotion, creativity, harmony, innovation, vision, uniqueness, originality, rarity, authenticity and excellence.


One of the characteristic features of Lorenzo Villoresi’s creations is the use of the finest natural extracts and essences, combined with a personal taste for rich, multifaceted compositions. Each fragrance is a unique artistic creation, independent of any fashions or trends, with the sole objective of embodying the idea, the “fragrant vision” that from time to time inspires the perfumer.

The iconic hexagonal bottle has over the years become the hallmark of Villoresi’s creations. Designed by Lorenzo Villoresi himself, this seemingly simple shape is both modern and classic, discrete and luxurious, timeless and modern.


Lorenzo Villoresi is the author of several publications on perfume. He edited and contributed to many other publications and lectured at various congresses and universities. He also wrote the foreword to the first Italian translation of the treatise “De Odoribus” by Theophrastus, by G. Squillace. 

In 2006 he won the “Prix Francois Coty”, the most important prize in recognition of a perfumer’s professional career achievements. In 2015 he was awarded the “Flair de Parfum” in Wien.


In June of 2019 the Museo Villoresi opened its doors in our Renaissance palazzo in the center of Florence. The museum offers visitors a multisensory journey of discovery into the world of perfumes, scents and the most important aromatic substances.

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Lorenzo Villoresi

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