At Perlier we select and combine pure, active, natural ingredients using science to deliver the best characteristics of pleasure, taste and fragrance. Natural Recipes is our slogan and our mantra. Our success is attributed to our ongoing commitment to research, the effectiveness, fragrance and pleasure of our natural ingredients, the scientific research of our group, and our attractive packaging and design.
Lombardia (Lombardy)
Region of Italy

Our Story

It all started in Italy. For over 80 years, Perlier has been a leading name in the beauty industry with a distinguished heritage as Italy’s premier manufacturer of beauty treatments. Our dedicated team of chemists, pharmacists, scientists and agricultural specialists are committed to developing the best conceivable skincare products and the most powerful natural products that science can deliver. 

The Production Process

We commit our time and dedication into our production process to ensure each and every one of our products embodies Perlier’s mission. We begin by harvesting the plants and selecting the active ingredients of each. We always use the extracts obtained from fresh plants in our hygienic-cosmetic formulations, to ensure each ingredient is in its purest form. Our technical, unique process is one secret we attribute to making Perlier a leading name in Italian cosmetics for over 80 years. 

Commitment To Research

Just as our production process is a cornerstone to Perlier’s success, another is our ongoing commitment to dedicated research. We conduct our most fundamental scientific research at the company’s own Biological Research Center, La Carignana. 

La Carignana

La Carignana is the company’s own Biological Research Center, located in the outskirts of Turin, Italy and the home to Perlier’s 150 acres of pesticide and insecticide free land, where Perlier cultivates its ingredients from fresh flowers, healthy plants, and honey.

Dating back to 1300 La Carignana was the most advanced linen manufacturing facility for paper; in 1620 it became the royal hunting lodge for the Savoia Royal Family. 

Who We Are Today

  • Scientifically Formulated
  • Studied and tested with modern scientific principles with over 80 years of research experience
  • Efficient and functional results, which produce a real scientific action that can be measured
  • NO animal testing, whatsoever