Prato Botanico is a luxury, certified-organic skincare brand founded in 2020. The company is family-owned, and each product is carefully crafted in the Puglia Region of Italy. This spa-quality skincare line includes high-efficacy botanicals, which are harvested by local farmers and extracted with expert precision to preserve the purity and quality of each active ingredient.



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Prato Botanico, Italian for "Botanical Meadow,” was inspired by the rich botanical heritage of the beautiful Apulia region in Southern Italy, well known for its organic agriculture. This region is one of Italy’s top producing areas, with more than 255,831 hectares dedicated to organic farming and an agricultural history spanning many centuries. The region is first in Italy in the production of organic olives, vegetables, and fruit, with local farmers adhering to strict standards. These small farmers produce some of the richest and highest-quality botanicals in all of Italy. In Apulia, organic farming and sustainability are the way of life.

Prato Botanico was born in the gently rolling hills of this region with a belief that everything our skin needs comes from our beautiful Mother Earth. Just as the Earth continually renews itself when given the proper care, our skin has the same innate ability to continually renew if given the proper nourishment. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, organic skin solutions that are both healthy for the skin and healthy for the beautiful Earth we call home. Our spa-quality products are clean, certified-organic skincare at its finest.


Prato Botanico is one of the very few skincare brands available in North America that holds an organic certification from NATRUE. NATRUE is a Brussels-based international non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide. NATRUE's independent stamp of approval represents a reliable, verifiable and internationally applicable benchmark for authentic organic beauty products from committed brands globally.

NATRUE guarantees:

Products are made up only of 100% natural, derived natural and nature-identical substances.

No substances from GMOs, silicones, parabens, microplastics, synthetic fragrances or mineral oils are permitted in the formulation of products.

For the organic certification level held by Prato Botanico, at least 95% of the natural substances or the derived natural substances must come from certified organic farming.

The NATRUE seal is not granted on a product-by-product basis: it is only awarded to a brand that is wholly committed to the production of natural and organic cosmetics.


From sourcing ingredients to formulating products, and from production to packaging, we do not compromise in our commitment to sustainability. Our key ingredients come directly from local farms in southern Italy that are primarily located less than 2km from our production facility. Other ingredients are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers in the region, and our entire line is cruelty free. 

We utilize sustainable glass and natural beechwood packaging, while endeavoring to use as little plastic as possible. All of our packaging, from glass bottles and jars to our wood lids to our product boxes are manufactured within Italy, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint during the manufacturing process. We are constantly striving to make our business model more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and our packaging will always be an outward expression of this inner commitment. We also encourage our customers to reuse our glass bottles and jars as much as possible, as reusing is a more sustainable option than recycling.


From our key botanical ingredients and product formulations to our manufacturing and packaging, we invite you to experience the incomparable beauty of Southern Italy. Our innovative formulations are ultra-effective products that work to nourish and pamper the skin with Italy’s best botanicals.

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Prato Botanico

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