Regions of Italy

Regions of Italy

Located on the eastern side of the country, Abruzzo sits between the Adriatic coastline and the Apennine mountains. Its rugged landscape is filled with national parks and reserves, castles, fortresses, art-filled cities and Renaissance period stone-walled hilltop towns. Known for its hospitality, this region of Italy holds fast to centuries old traditions including “cucina povera” or peasant cooking, which pairs perfectly with the regions most widely produced wine – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

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Home to Matera, a UNESCO world heritage site, Basilicata is a region where ancient and modern worlds converge. This laidback region’s rolling vineyard covered hills, dramatic mountains and two seashores deliver the quintessential Italian experience. Olive groves, small towns, and tiny villages dot the landscape throughout this less visited area of Italy.

The extended foot of Italy, Calabria is surrounded by the sea and enjoys a stunning landscape as varied as its past. Modern Calabria is a mixture of cultures including Greek, Spanish, French and Italian. Known for its geographic beauty, wine, many festivals, arts, and cuisine, Calabria is home to some of the best porcini mushrooms, olive oil, and bergamot oranges in all of Italy.

Home to the feared and admired Mt. Vesuvius, Campania is a mixture of ancient ruins, dramatic coastline, and bustling modern life. From the pristine turquoise waters of the Amalfi coast to the rugged inland terrain dotted with pastel colored towns and villages, this area captivates visitors. The mild climate is perfect for the citrus, olive and nut trees and more that thrive in this flourishing Mediterranean oasis.

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Nestled in northern Italy between the Apennine mountains and the sea, Emilia-Romagna is home to some of Italy’s richest gastronomy. Nature is held in the highest regard in this region’s many national parks and nature reserves. In addition to its immense natural beauty, the Emilia-Ramagna landscape is dotted with vibrant medieval cities, castles, and tranquil countryside towns. The Adriatic Sea to the east, results in a coastal climate where the aromas of the sea gently float through the air. With its breathtaking views, mountains, seashores, and rich earthy colors Emilia-Romagna has a feel all its own.

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Located in northeast Italy, this mountainous territory shares a border with Austria, Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea. Its historically complex relationship with neighbors has resulted in the area often being referred to as a “land of contracts”. Here visitors find an array of cuisine types, architecture styles, and some of the best white wines Italy has to offer. The storybook landscape is stunning and diverse. The scenic Dolomites, Prealps, and Carnic Alps offer innumerable outdoor activities as do the sandy beaches along the Adriatic. In addition, this area is widely known for the renowned spas of the Lignano Riviera and their seawater treatments. Fruili-Venezia Giulia offers a variety of ways to explore and enjoy this part of Italy.

Lazio offers a rich history, unparalleled natural beauty and seemingly endless options. From the ancient grotto in Sperlonga, to the castles, medieval towns and wineries that span the region, Lazio has something for everyone. Its temperate climate makes exploring the regional forests, coastal dunes, wetlands, islands, lakes, rivers, and mountains enjoyable at almost any time of the year. When you’re finished exploring the many natural wonders of Lazio, don’t forget that Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is also located in this eclectic region.

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This crescent-shaped northeastern region on the Mediterranean is often best known as the “Italian Riviera”. Elegant, charming and stylish, the villages, towns and cities here are often better known than the region itself. The colorful coastline is connected by a string of picturesque cities, towns and fishing villages including Portofino, Cinque Terre, and Genoa, the capital, which is a busy port, hub and lifeline between Italy and the rest of the world. Each stop along the way offers something unique to visitors. From famous casinos and hotels, to art museums, historic architecture, and incredible local cuisine and wines. It’s easy to see why so many fall in love with all this little region has to offer.

Located in the northern edge of Italy, Lombardia is home to unrivaled historic art, culture, and natural wonders. From the impressive Alps to the scenic countryside and the unstoppable energy of Milan, Lombardia has it all. With famous destinations including its world-class cosmopolitan capital and the serene scenes of Como and Bellagio located in the lake region, Lombardia provides endless activity, discovery and opportunity. It’s also home to more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other region in Italy.

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Situated between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic Sea, this area is known by locals for its indelible landscape, culture and cuisine. The hilltop villages, rolling hills, crashing waves, cobblestone streets, vineyards and abundant olive groves are picture-perfect Italy. Le Marche doesn’t draw the crowds of other more commonly visited destinations and as a result, there is a distinctly different feel. The uniqueness of the area is accompanied by regional foods and unique wines from grapes that only grow here. Le Marche is also home to some of the cleanest and most stunning beaches in all of Italy.

Time seems to move more slowly in Molise. This largely undiscovered area sits between the Apennine Ridge and the Adriatic Sea. From the coast inland, visitors find serene, unspoiled nature and people that hold fast to their local traditions. Many residents still practice ancient traditional handicrafts and professions. In addition, visitors may experience local cuisine via the many wine and food trails that lead from the coastline inland through area villages and vineyards. Whether exploring the ski slopes at Campitello Matese and Capracotta or trekking the ancient tratturi, as local shepherds have done since before the Romans, there’s a lot to discover in this timeless part of the country.

Situated in the northwestern part of Italy, Piedmont sits at the base of the Alps and shares a border with France and Switzerland. From stunning to picturesque, this area offers breathtaking views around nearly every corner. The cultivated hills dotted with farmhouses, ancient castles including the Residences of the Royal Houses of Savoy along with the many vineyards, uncompromising mountains, and sweeping valleys are a masterpiece brought to life. Visitors here may enjoy the area’s world renowned state-of-the-art skiing, touring Turin, the automobile capital of Italy, or the healing, pampering spa resorts of Acqui Terme. This tranquility, natural beauty and culture of Piedmont are unsurpassed.

Situated in the “heel” of Italy’s boot, Puglia offers an array of landscapes, cuisines, traditions and architecture. Lecce, often referred to as “Florence of the south” is home to stunning baroque buildings, incredible local food, shopping, and even an ancient amphitheater. Along the Mediterranean coast, there are miles of beautiful beaches and white washed hillside towns to explore. Another distinct, must-see attraction of this area, the captivating “tulli”, are limestone huts topped with decorative roofs that resemble turrets. Not to be outdone by other parts of Italy, Puglia delivers a top-notch culinary experience in its locally sourced and traditionally rustic cuisine. In fact, in some areas many locals make the region’s favorite pasta, orecchiette, by hand daily along with hand-made bread still baked in the communal wood burning ovens. The fertile landscape and waters of this southern region provide abundant fresh produce, meat, seafood, almonds, wine, and cheese - specifically the burrata, pastries and desserts are not to be missed.

Located off the western coast of Italy, Sardegna sits happily in the tranquil turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. The island’s perimeter enjoys endless sandy beaches and marshes while further inland, a rugged landscape of mountains is criss crossed by dozens of hiking trails, lush woods, and even some small desserts. Sardegna is also home to an intriguing architectural artifact only found in this part of the world. The “nuraghi”, are ancient stone ruins from the Bronze age built using blocks of stone assembled into tower-like structures resembling beehives. In addition to natural and historic wonders, Sardegna also offers popular resort towns including Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo known for their stunning views and beaches along with delicious cuisine and an eclectic nightlife.

The largest of Italy’s islands, Sicilia boasts a varied landscape, well preserved examples of its vibrant past, a nearly endless list of activities and natural treasures. From the beaches of the Mediterranean and the trails and slopes of Mt. Etna, an active volcano, to the ancient Greek temples and historic catacombs, there’s something for everyone on this beloved island. Known for its abundant natural beauty, Sicilia also offers cuisine as varied as her history and people, ample shopping, and plenty of culture and art to explore.

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Widely regarded as one of Italy’s most breathtaking regions, Tuscany is home to idyllic countryside, white sand beaches, iconic cities and towns, and countless vineyards. Whether exploring some of the most treasured Renaissance works of art in Florence, the medieval town of Siena, the scintillating views of Montepulciano or the beauty of the island of Elba, Tuscany will not disappoint. Her sublime countryside, charming villages, impeccable wines, cuisine, history, vibrancy and culture make Tuscano a true treasure of Italy.

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This mountainous region in northern Italy, which sits at the border of Austria and Switzerland, has often been fought over due to its strategic location and geographic advantages. As a result, modern-day Trentino-Alto Adige offers a confluence of cultures, cuisine and even wine. Famous for their proximity to the mighty Dolomites and Alps, this area offers endless outdoor adventure with snow-capped mountains, woods, valleys, streams and lakes. If that sounds too extreme, consider exploring one of the apple or wine trails available throughout the area. And if high altitude adventure isn’t your thing, or once your activities are complete, visit one of the famous spa towns dedicated to mind and body treatment for wellbeing and harmony. In addition to its natural beauty, Trentino-Alto Adige is home to countless mountain top castles, sanctuaries, and quaint towns of incredible historic and artistic importance.

Located in central Italy with Tuscany on one side and Le Marche on the other, Umbria is commonly referred to as Italy’s “Green Heart”. This stunning landscape consists of rolling green hills and sweeping views, dense forests and charming towns filled with and surrounded by medieval architecture. The only region in Italy that doesn’t border another country or open water, Umbria offers visitors an opportunity to experience a tranquil Italian countryside life. Whether participating in a local cooking class, foraging for truffles or enjoying one of the many local dishes inspired by the seasonally fresh foods of the area, Umbria is a food lover’s ideal destination. Lake Trasimeno, located in the middle of the region, is the famous spot where Hannibal defeated the Romans in 217 BC. If you prefer something more current, schedule your visit between May - July to experience the incredible “Fiorita”, which is a naturally synchronized blooming of red poppies, blue cornflowers, yellow daisies, wild mustard, white lentils, tulips, and orchids that overtake the fields in a spectacular rainbow of colors.

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The smallest of the 20 regions, Aosta sits at Italy’s northwestern edge between France and Switzerland. Often referred to as the intersection between Italy and the rest of Europe, this area’s population is officially a bilingual region with many residents speaking both French and Italian. Its dramatic snow-capped peaks are home to some very famous mountains including the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. These stunning peaks provide world renowned winter sports as well as endless summer adventure. Visitors to this area will also find a countryside filled with reminders of its medieval and Roman heritage. From ancient castles and fortresses to watchtowers and churches, the past is very much present in the Aosta valley. Gran Paradiso, Italy’s first national park and the previous royal hunting grounds for the House of Savoy, is also located in the southern edge of the region and offers a magnificent alpine experience. In addition to a bounty of natural beauty, Aosta serves a bounty of local cuisine such as Fontina Dop cheese, carbonata a local stew-like dish, and salami as well as 20 locally produced wines. A trip here would not be complete without sampling the infamous local aperitif “Genepy de Alpes”.

There’s a lot to love about Veneto. One of Italy’s larger regions, Veneto extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic. The region includes some of Italy’s largest rivers, the eastern edge of Lake Garda, the Prosecco region and even a walled medieval citadel. The fertile lands of Veneto are at the heart of its rich historic and arts heritage and are the driver behind the harmonious blending of the region’s traditions and modern life. In addition to a dynamic and varied landscape, two beloved Veneto cities have been the inspiration, backdrop and home to countless works of art. Venice with its art, architecture, canals, history, culture and global adoration is one of the country’s greatest destinations. Verona, the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of Italy’s many UNESCO protected World Heritage Sites. From the acclaimed cities to the diverse landscapes, Veneto offers culture, art, heritage and countless opportunities for discovery.

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