The privilege of an important heritage to preserve, the will to continuously reinvent itself, a strategic positioning as a democratic beauty brand, totally made in Italy but with a wide range of international scope. Rudy Profumi is a mix of those ingredients. A company managed by the same family for a hundred years, in which dominate the natural love for the beauty and the ability to indulge the needs of a 'global' consumer and to keep up with time.



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The Milanese company, founded in 1920, has emerged from its origins as a high-profile fragrance house that manages to combine maximum attention in the choice of raw materials and a great love for design. The Calabrese family carries on with the same love and professionalism as great-grandfather Spiridione Calabrese who created the company in Milan. He began his adventure as a perfumer dedicating himself to mixing hair dyes until he experimented and created the formula to melt and solidify the pressed powders to color the lips, creating the lipstick stick as we know it today. His resourcefulness and success pushed him to expand his business by creating luxury fragrances, whose packaging design was often the work of his son Antonio.


Rudy Profumi, now in the fourth generation of a solid and important family tradition, continues with zeal and passionate determination to create fragrances and perfumes that expertly combine refined aromas and cosmetic principles, to care for the bodies and wellbeing of our customers. Today, Antonio's children and granddaughter, are at the helm of the family business. They celebrate and honor their heritage, by carrying on the values of their grandfather. In addition, they maintain the quality of the raw materials and the final product, demonstrating that they are always evolving to give their customers products with an original formulation, that are attentive to research and respectful of the environment.


Rudy Profumi is a democratic brand, 100% made in Italy and which has made the conscious choice of occupying an affordable position on the market, while maintaining a high level of quality and reputation. 

At the same time, the fragrances are pleasant and evocative, from fruity to floral and the more exotic, thanks to their ingenious combinations.


Over the last 15 years, RUDY PROFUMI has expanded its distribution network, opening up in overseas markets. Today, it can be found in over 30 countries around the world, providing Italian tradition and the history and guaranteed quality and continuity, while arousing interest and curiosity.

The brand Rudy Profumi offers numerous ranges of wellness and beauty products distinguished by their careful design, the modern and enveloping formulations and their unique fragrances.


Rudy Profumi brings the beauty and heritage of Italian traditions, to the designs of their newest collection, Majolica. 

Majolica is an expression of an Italian artisan tradition that remains commonly produced in many areas, both in popular art forms and in reproductions of the historical style. The NEW collection of liquid soaps, body products and hand creams is inspired by the majolica tradition and thanks to the rich and intensely perfumed formula will accompany the customer on a journey to the most beautiful regions of Italy discovering delivering the most intense perfumes, directly on the skin.

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Rudy Profumi

Maioliche Liquid Hand Soap - Positano Rose
Maioliche Liquid Hand Soap - Italian Olive Oil
Lavender & Jojoba Oil Hand Cream w/ Vitamin E
Maioliche Liquid Hand Soap - Amalfi Peony
Maioliche Eau De Toilette - Portofino
Maioliche Eau De Toilette - Firenze
Maioliche Liquid Hand Soap - Sicilian Lemon
Maioliche Hand Cream - Italian Olive Oil
Maioliche Hand Cream - Positano Rose