Black Rice Platinum Pure Collagen Serum


Rejuvenate with this pure collagen serum that reawakens skin leaving it looking younger and more radiant every morning with increased visual results of hydration, elasticity, tonometry, softness, smoothness, skin lightness and collagen production.

This Firming Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate replenishes your collagen storage with a triple action: it provides new collagen, it boosts its production, and it protects the collagen naturally present in your skin from degradation.

Formulated with:

  • Pure collagen that helps combat sagging skin, making it firmer and plumper.
  • Black rice peptides that help promote cell regeneration to combat wrinkles leaving your skin smoother.
  • Vitamin pearls a real energy boost for your skin. For brighter, more uniform, and radiant skin.

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