Mozzafiato Signature Gift

Bride To Be Bundle


Celebrate your favorite future bride with these luxurious favorites from Sicily, Florence, Lombardia, and Tuscany.

This bundle contains the following products, all packaged in a beautiful Mozzafiato gift box:

  • Ortigia Sicilia Drawer Sachets: A set of 5 sachets containing natural mineral grains perfumed with exotic fig, orange blossom, and cedar perfume. Ideal for refreshing the drawers ad cupboards at home, in the car, or in luggage while traveling to your honeymoon.
  • Farmacia Bath Salts: Founded in Florence in 1561, Farmacia SS. Annunizata has spent over 400 years perfecting products for you.
    • Thanks to their natural ingredients and exclusive scents, these bath salts have relaxing, refreshing, and soothing properties to make your skin extremely soft and velvety.
  • Perlier Imperial Honey Nourishing Drops 6.7oz: For over 80 years, Perlier has been a leading name in the beauty industry. Born in Italy, Perlier selects and combines pure, active, and natural ingredients to deliver the best.
    • Natural recipe is Perlier's slogan and mantra. The Imperial Honey Drops are an impressive formula that combines the honey of black bees with precious nourishment for the skin and fresh royal jelly with extraordinary restoring properties.
  • Acqua Di Bolgheri La Magnolia Eau De Parfum 15ml: It's delicate, but powerful. The is magnolia: superb in a bouqet of roses and lilies of the valley. Anticipated by hints of peach, this scent melts in a balance of sweet notes for an elegant woman's perfume.
    • La Magnolia's fragrance notes are: bergamot, orange, peach rose, violet and magnolia, and sweet woods. A perfect springtime scent for a beautiful springtime wedding.

* Products within the bundle may vary slightly from what's pictured in photo.

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