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Terra Biocare by B&C

Elesilk - Body Scrub Mask


Smoothing activating body scrub mask. 98.8% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 56.1% of the total ingredients are from biological origin.

This gel body mask, featuring organic extra-virgin olive oil, generates a delicate scrub action thanks to the granules obtained from organic olive pits. It promotes the drainage of liquids, while serving an activating function. Also helps to treat cellulite.

How it works: Thanks to the Aloe Vera juice, effective in improving skin moisture levels without altering the perspiratio insensibilis, i.e. the continuous, and imperceptible loss of tiny amounts of moisture from the skin, and the squalene contained in the unsaponifiable part of Olive oil, serving to reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier, imparting softness and suppleness to the skin. The Horse Chestnut extract and Centella asiatica (pennywort) improve circulation, reducing vascular permeability, while draining of excess fluids is promoted by the presence of Fennel essential oil and Fenugreek extract. Caffeine and essential oil of Juniper promotes stimulation of lipolisis.


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