Acqua di Bolgheri

Fiori Bianchi Cleansing Mousse White Rose


It is a soft mousse with the elegant scent of rose, peach flowers and sweet woods. Its delicate composition, with coconut, palm and olive oil derived surfactants, makes it perfect as make-up remover and hand, face and neck cleanser. It has a particularly rich formula with an anti-ageing action thanks to APPLE stem cells, which help slow down the skin ageing process, and hyaluronic acid with three molecular weights. The molecule with the highest weight has a lifting effect on wrinkles; the one with average weight helps create a moisturizing and silky film on the skin, whilst the one with the lowest weight, i.e. the most penetrating one, helps fill the wrinkles from the inside and tone the skin. With moisturizing rose water, it gives an immediate sensation of freshness and wellbeing. It is rich in rose, St.John's wort, rosemary and sage vegetable extracts.

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