Mozzafiato Signature Gift

Mother's Day Bundle

Celebrations of motherhood can be traced back to the days of the ancient Romans.
Honor the maternal bonds in your life on the 2nd Sunday of May with this wonderful collection for the mothers you love most.

This bundle includes the following products, all packaged in a beautiful Mozzafiato gift box:
  • Ortigia Sicilia Gift Box - three soaps in the scents:
    • Fico D'india: Vibrant, orange flowers grow huge and wild in Sicily. Subtle fragrance with powdery fig and cedar oils with cactus juice.
    • Florio: Rich with the natural essence of Sicily's spring blooms - narcissus, passiflora, and wild Iris.
    • Bergamotto: Distinctly Sicilian, green, and strong. The essential oil is derived from the crushed leaves and zest of the bergamot orange tree.
  • Carthusia Candles - Centuries old knowledge developed a culture of perfume unique to the rest of the world. All Carthusia fragrances have a hidden, yet indivisible bond with the island of Capri.
  • Rudy Profumi Maioliche Hand Cream Amalfi Peony - A tribute to the beautiful Amalfi coast, the top notes of this rich and perfumed formula are fig, Neroli peach, and grapefruit. The heart notes are white rose and fig, followed by a basenote of cedarwood.
  • Acqua Di Bolgheri Indaco Bath Foam - Rich in Tuscan Olive Oil derived surfactants: it moisturizes with aloe, althea marshmellow and juniper. The perfum of musk, citrons, and jasmines energize the soul.

* Products within the bundle may vary slightly from what's pictured in photo.

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