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A warm and enveloping fragrance that recreates the atmosphere of PRATO ROSSO (1,536 m asl), a historic mountain refuge nestled in one of the richest and most fairy beech woods in the Protected Area

The room fragrance evokes the intense and reassuring scent of the wood paneling that covers the walls and the beams that cover the ceilings, which release aromatic notes of woods and resins into the atmosphere. The fireplace diffuses a slight trail of embers, evoked by a subtle smoky note. A sweet and pungent hint is given by cinnamon, contained in traditional freshly baked sweets. The air enters from the outside every time the door is opened, welcoming the visitors, and brings with it the humid scents of the woods. An intense, full-bodied fragrance, with a thousand olfactory facets, suitable for all convivial environments.

Recommendation for use:
For the first use it is recommended to let the natural wood sticks soak for about two hours in the liquid and then turn them over. Depending on the desired intensity and on the size of the space, it is suggested to turn the sticks once / twice a week, at will. For greater diffusion, the room fragrance can be placed at a height of man and in a passageway: the air will be the conductor of the olfactory particles, helping to spread the fragrance with each movement.


Founded in Pescasseroli, Italy, Parco 1923 tells the story of millenary woods and mysterious flowers. It is a story written by the plants living in one of the most pristine places in the world - the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise National Park - centuries old forests that are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founders Paride Vitale and Ugo Maria Morosi spent years perfecting the formulas, working with botanical and fragrance experts and gaining the express approval of the park rangers, before releasing the rare scents captured in their very special products for all to enjoy.


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