Acqua dell'Elba

Preziosa Donna Gift Box


A sensory journey into the beautifully crafted essences of Tuscan fragrance house Acqua dell'Elba. With our unique fragrances we invite you to discover our idyllic island lifestyle. Soak up the fragrant blends of our Mediterranean flowers, herbs and citrus fruits. Feel the calming waft of a gentle sea breeze. Our local artisans have been passionately crafting perfumes on Elba's Tuscan archipelago since 1999. The Preziosa Donna box contains five 15 ml bottles of the brand's EdP creations for women.

  • Classica Donna EdP 15ml
  • Arcipelago Donna EdP 15ml
  • Blu Donna EdP 15ml
  • Smeraldo EdP 15ml
  • Acqua EdP 15ml

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