Royal Elixir Oil of Youth Restorative Night Treatment

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An extraordinary Elixir, which helps rejuvenate the skin night after night. Designed to be working during the night while you are asleep, it helps to boost the skin's natural self-restoring processes, giving the skin a smoother, firmer, rejuvenated look. Day after day we see improved results. Its exclusive formula contains all the Bee's "Youth Secrets": Royal Jelly, Honey and Propolis, for a complete anti-aging action. With precious vegetable oils, it wraps the skin with a silky veil that nourishes and gives great comfort to the skin. Three drops at night is all your skin needs to wake up radiant! Actions ¥ Gives the skin its ability to "behave and look like young skin" ¥ Helps to support the skin's basic make-up by aiding with anti-collapsing action while helping the skin become firmer and tighter looking. ¥ Helps to nourish and bring-back-to-life the vital functions of the skin, which become more resistant to daily attacks of the environment, free radicals and other aging stresses. Results The skin appears to radiate beautifully: it seems younger, smoother and more consistent day after day. In a clinical study on 30 participants using The Perlier Royal Elixir Night oil the following results were achieved: 14.2% optimization in skin elasticity after 28 days 45.3% increase in skin tonometry after 28 days 27.4 % increase in skin hydration after 1 hour using just the Royal Elixir night oil 32.9% increase in skin hydration after 1 hour using the Royal Elixir night oil WITH the Royal Elixir Cream of Youth In a consumer perception survey with 30 subjects the following was reported: 100% agreed their skin felt smoother 96% agreed skin felt firmer 96% agreed their skin looked more revitalized 96% agreed their skin appeared more elastic 93% agreed their skin was more hydrated 93% agreed their skin looked brighter 93% agreed their skin looked more youthful 93% agreed the product was pleasant to use 93% agreed the product does not leave a greasy film Results suggest that ROYAL ELIXIR NIGHT OIL can boosts skin cell turnover of aging or dead topical skin. The skin is often subjected to various external factors that may result in visible signs of aging skin.

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