Scarpetta Di Venere Eau de Parfum

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A refined and sensual fragrance, sweet and forceful at the same time: a game of contrasts and suggestions to recreate the scent of the undergrowth where the Scarpetta di Venere orchid grows wild, a rare and precious flower of which this Eau de Parfum represents a tribute.

A mountain stream with crystalline waters flows in the underwood dominated by mosses and ferns, where the bushes of Rosehip and Wild Blueberry alternate with Laburnum with a narcotic scent. This is the natural environment of the Abruzzo National Park where the orchid Scarpetta di Venere grows spontaneously, a flower so rare and delicate that it must be protected. The second fragrance created by PARCO1923 with the help of the Park’s botanists is inspired by this symbol of strength and fragility, an Eau de Parfum with sensual notes of white flowers resting on a bed of musks and woods.

The floral bouquet is enriched by the presence of the refined powdery notes of iris and red lily, velvety and creamy, while a consistent woody and musky background brings back to the Park and its most representative tree, the beech, giving a rough and ancient accent to the fragrance as a whole.

To underline the close link with the territory that PARCO1923 represents, the bottle with sober and essential lines is surmounted by a beech wood cap and a ring in Pietra Gentile, a material used for centuries in these lands for the construction of noble palaces. and ancient churches. With each vaporization, the porosity of the stone jealously captures the molecules that would otherwise be dispersed in the environment and, once the bottle is exhausted, the stone ring can be removed and stored, continuing to release the fragrance.


Founded in Pescasseroli, Italy, Parco 1923 tells the story of millenary woods and mysterious flowers.  It is a story written by the plants living in one of the most pristine places in the world - the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise National Park - centuries old forests that are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Founders Paride Vitale and Ugo Maria Morosi spent years perfecting the formulas, working with botanical and fragrance experts and gaining the express approval of the park rangers, before releasing the rare scents captured in their very special products for all to enjoy.  


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